Subpart 1. Reregistration application.

A licensee shall obtain a reregistration application from the board. A licensee shall submit an application for reregistration and respond to questions on the application that relate to the grounds for disciplinary action listed in Minnesota Statutes, section 148.261. The licensee shall submit true information. Falsification or omission of information provides grounds for disciplinary action. The board may require further information from the licensee to determine whether the licensee has engaged in conduct warranting disciplinary action listed in Minnesota Statutes, section 148.261. The board shall return an application that is received without a fee or an application that is incomplete.

Subp. 2. Acceptable advanced nursing practice requirement.

A licensee shall submit proof of acceptable advanced nursing practice that occurred within the five years immediately preceding receipt by the board of the application for reregistration. Verification of acceptable advanced nursing practice must be reported on a form provided by the board. If the licensee was employed or contracted by an institution or agency, an employer or contractor shall complete the verification. If the licensee was employed by a patient, a patients family or significant other shall complete the form. If the licensee volunteered, the volunteer supervisor shall complete the form. If the employer is no longer in business, the party responsible for providing employment verifications for that employer shall complete the form.

Subp. 3. Licensees residing outside Minnesota.

A licensee residing outside of Minnesota applying for reregistration for the purpose of obtaining verification of current registration status to another country or United States jurisdiction must have an out-of-state address and must submit a verification of licensure request from another jurisdiction. The verification of licensure request must be submitted with the reregistration application. The fee for verification must be separate from the fee for reregistration.

Subp. 4. Disciplinary action.

Nothing in this part shall prevent the board from proceeding with disciplinary action pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 148.261. Grounds for the board to proceed with disciplinary action include:

A. practicing nursing without current registration for more than two years;
B. repeated occurrences of practicing nursing without current registration;
C. knowingly practicing nursing without current registration; and
D. any other grounds provided under Minnesota Statutes, section 148.261.
Subp. 5. Nullification and reapplication.

The board shall nullify an incomplete reregistration application if the licensee fails to complete the application process within one year after submission of the application. For a nullified application, the reregistration shall be forfeited and the application and other documents may be destroyed according to Minnesota Statutes, section 138.17, subdivision 7. If a licensee fails to submit an application and fee within six months after the board receives any other documents relating to the application, the board may destroy the documents. If a licensee whose application has been nullified wants to be reregistered, a new reregistration application must be submitted and all applicable reregistration requirements must be met.

Subp. 6. Initial registration following reregistration.

The board shall authorize an individual to engage in the practice of advanced practice nursing in Minnesota once the reregistration requirements have been met. The initial registration period is as defined in part 6310.2600, subpart 15.

Subp. 7. Clinical practice component.

If more than five years have elapsed since the applicant has practiced in the advanced practice registered nurse role, the applicant shall complete a reorientation plan in the same advanced practice registered nurse role and population focus. The plan must include supervision during the clinical component by a qualified practitioner. The applicant shall submit the plan and the name of the qualified practitioner to the board. The plan must include a minimum of 500 hours of clinical practicum.


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