Subpart 1. School bus crossing at railroad tracks.

Patrol members shall motion the bus across the railroad tracks in the following manner:

A. Patrol members shall take a position so as to have a clear view of the railroad track in both directions.
B. If a train is approaching the crossing, the patrol member shall not cross the tracks but shall face the bus at a safe distance from the tracks and give the signal for the bus not to proceed by holding up both hands above the head.
C. When the railroad track is clear and safe for crossing, the patrol member shall cross the tracks and signal, with a forward motion of an upraised arm, for the driver to proceed across the tracks to a point at least 2-1/2 bus lengths beyond the tracks, where the patrol member shall reenter the bus.
Subp. 2. Crossing roadways from a school bus.

Safety patrol procedures for crossing roadways from a school bus are:

A. The driver of a school bus is responsible for the safety of the children, and the presence of a school bus safety patrol member in no way relieves the driver of such responsibility.
B. In directing pupils across the roadway after alighting from the bus, the patrol member shall escort the pupils to a position at least ten feet in front of the bus. When it is ascertained that there is no approaching traffic, the patrol member shall step out one pace beyond the fender line of the bus and extend the flag into the opposite lane at a 45-degree angle and direct the pupils to proceed across the roadway.
C. The patrol member shall not escort each pupil across the roadway, but shall remain at the designated post near the front of the bus.
D. Crossing the roadway behind the bus shall never be permitted.


Minn. R. 7415.0700
17 SR 1279; L 1998 c 397 art 11 s 3

Statutory Authority: MS s 126.15

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