Subpart 1. Duration of permits; nontransferable.

Falconry, propagation, and abatement permits are valid for three years or until September 30 of the third year following issuance, whichever comes first. Nonresident take permits are valid for one year or until December 31, whichever comes first. Permits are not transferable.

Subp. 2. Permit renewal.

Falconry, abatement, and propagation permits are renewable. A request for renewal must be made at least 30 days before the permit expiration date.

Subp. 3. Transfer of raptors if permittee dies.

A surviving spouse, executor, administrator, or other legal representative of a deceased permittee may transfer or sell any propagated raptor or transfer any wild raptor held by the permittee to another permittee authorized to possess raptors within 90 days of the death of the permittee, provided the recipient is allowed to possess that species and the recipient's permit raptor quota is not exceeded. The commissioner shall make temporary exceptions in quota or species in order to place a raptor, if necessary. The transaction must be reported within ten days as provided under part 6238.1650, subpart 1. Wild Minnesota raptors must either be released according to part 6238.1500, subpart 3, or transferred to another falconer. After 90 days, disposition of a raptor held under the permit of a deceased person is at the discretion of the commissioner.

Subp. 4. Permit revocation.

A permittee violating this chapter is subject to permit revocation, and all raptors held are subject to seizure and confiscation in the manner provided by law. If a permit issued under this chapter is revoked, all other permits that the permittee holds under this chapter shall be revoked at that time. For any activities under this chapter that also require federal permits, if the permittee's federal permit is revoked, the associated state permit shall be revoked pending reinstatement of the federal permit. Permittees who have any incidence of raptor mortality or a high incidence of raptor loss are subject to additional review. Examples of review are additional inspections and required submission of veterinarian's or rehabilitator's notes or necropsies on the subject raptors. If evidence is provided to the commissioner that the permittee is neglecting the health, safety, or welfare of raptors in the permittee's possession, the permittee is subject to one or more of the following measures:

A. reduction in permit class;
B. required sponsorship; or
C. permit revocation.


Minn. R., Part 6238.1700
38 SR 299

Statutory Authority: MS s 97A.401; 97A.418

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