2 Miss. Code. R. § 1-3-06-103

1. Beekeepers who choose to transport into, operate, and maintain colonies in Mississippi must obtain an entry permit from BPI prior to entering the State. Before an entry permit is issued a certificate of inspection issued by a state apiary official must be provided to BPI at least 30 days in advance along with the number of colonies requesting to be moved. The certificate of inspection shall state that at least of 10% of the apiaries owned/operated by the applicant have been inspected within 10 months of shipment and meet the Mississippi Certificate of Inspection Standards.

When regulated articles are originating from a state that has no state apiary official or state entomologist that is available, a permit may be issued by BPI with special requirements.

If regulated articles are found brought into Mississippi without obtaining an entry permit they shall be immediately placed under quarantine until released by the state apiary official or state entomologist after an inspection for contagious diseases, parasites and pests including the Africanized honeybee or hybridized African/European bee.

2. When a beekeeper wishes to move colonies to another state, BPI shall make the necessary inspections which meet that state's entry requirements and issue the proper certificate, if allowable, unless other arrangements have been made between the receiving state and the beekeeper's official state of origin. Such a certificate may be issued with the approval of the receiving state based on treatments for Varroa and/or tracheal mites in lieu of inspection. Such certificate may also be issued by BPI once inspected and found to be apparently free of contagious and infectious bee diseases and parasites.
3. Netting Required: All beekeepers moving bees into or through Mississippi must have them covered by netting to prevent escape.


2 Miss. Code. R. § 1-3-06-103

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