32 Miss. Code. R. § 22-2.1 - FILE DOCUMENTATION

Current through December 27, 2021

The following documents, as appropriate to each case, are to be included in the client's printed case file folder (Details regarding related policy are in the OVR/OVRB Policy and Procedure Manual.):

* Application for Vocational Rehabilitation Services & Explanation of Clients Rights (MDRS-VR-01) form or a letter from applicant requesting services

Requires applicant's (or applicant's parent/guardian) signature.

* Information and Referral (MDRS-VR-02) form, if referral is made to an outside agency/organization for assisting the individual in preparing for, securing, retaining, or regaining employment.

Requires MDRS representative's signature

* AACE Personal Information, Application Documentation reports. Participant Initial Interview (MDRS-VR-04) form may be used as the working copy, particularly when the counselor is on itinerary, but the information must be entered into the electronic file.

Requires MDRS representative's signature

* Medical/Psychological Reports documenting the disability

Disability must be substantiated by a person qualified to diagnose the specific disability.

* Eligibility Extension Requires counselor's signature

* Certificate of Eligibility/Ineligibility

Requires counselor's signature - If the client is determined to be ineligible after IPE has been developed; the client (or client's parent/guardian) must also sign the Certificate of Ineligibility/IPE Closing Amendment.

* All Trial Work Experience Plans, Individualized Plans for Employment (IPE), PES Plans, Revisions, and Amendments

All, except revisions, require client (or client's parent/guardian*) and counselor's signatures. Revisions for minor changes should be attached to the original plan.

* Participant Initial Interview Form (MDRS-VR-04) - must be completed on all applicants. The VR Counselor or other staff member that completes this form is responsible for its accuracy since this information will be entered into AACE creating the official case file. This information is also used for program planning, evaluation and reporting.

The purpose of this form is to accumulate data for the completion of the RSA-911 Case Service Report which is an annual report of demographic and caseload information such as social security number, disability characteristics, services, training, health insurance, and financial information related to all individuals exiting the VR program during each fiscal year. Information for the completion of the Participant Initial Interview Form is usually obtained during the initial interview with the consumer. This form is also designed to provide prompts to assist in considering all information and resources systematically according to AACE. Any additional information that is obtained during the initial interview that is not specifically listed should be detailed in the additional information section of this form. It is important to be thorough when completing this form because much of the information is required to place an individual into Application Status.

Requires MDRS representative's signature

* Financial Needs Analysis (FNA-01) form

Requires client (or client's parent/guardian) and counselor's signatures.

* Case Notes - are to be entered in the electronic file.

The author of an electronic case note is recorded by AACE as the individual who is logged in the system. When a counselor assistant enters a case note in AACE for a counselor, the case note should begin with this statement: This case note is being entered for (counselor's name). The counselor assistant should print the completed case note for the counselor's signature. The counselor is to sign the case note (first initial and last name). Then the case note should be placed in the client's file.

* Authorizations

Requires counselor's signature to issue and approve for payment. Vendor must sign indicating service provision. The client is only required to sign those authorizations issued directly to the client as a vendor.

* IPE Reviews

Requires counselor's signature

* AACE Employment Reports on each job the client obtains

* AACE Closure Report

* Notification of Closure Letter

Requires counselor's signature - If the client is determined to be ineligible after IPE has been developed; the client (or client's parent/guardian*) must also sign the certificate of ineligibility/IPE closing amendment.

* AACE Case Summary Report at case closure

* AACE Federal Follow-up Reports (6 month and 12 month)

* All Formal Correspondence

Requires counselor's signature - If the applicant/client is under the age of 18, or is not otherwise legally adjudicated the parent/guardian's signature is required


32 Miss. Code. R. § 22-2.1

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