7 Miss. Code. R. § 22-IV - THE PERMANENT RECORD

Current through April 7, 2022

A. Purpose of the permanent record

Permanent records are kept in perpetuity for every person who has enrolled or is enrolled in a school. The permanent record is the legal school record for the student. This document contains most of the information recorded on the cumulative folder.

B. Storage of the permanent record

The permanent record must be kept, while it is active, in the attendance center office in a secure and fire-resistant container or location. The permanent record shall be considered active (a) if the student is enrolled in the school or (b) if the student has withdrawn and the students of the class of which the student was a member have not reached the time of graduation. There is no requirement to store the cumulative folder and permanent record in two separate locations. This is based on local district policy. Some schools keep both records together and some keep them separate. For security, it is recommended that the permanent record be kept in a separate location.

C. Maintenance of the permanent record when a student transfers

In the event a student transfers to another school district, the permanent record shall be kept permanently by the school district from which the student transferred. Only the cumulative folder goes with the student when he or she transfers. The permanent record of a student transferring from one school to another school within the same district shall follow the student, as does the cumulative folder. Only when a student moves out of a district does the school which the student last attended in that district retain the permanent record. Photocopies printed on regular paper are not acceptable as substitutes for permanent records. It is the responsibility of the receiving school to initiate a new permanent record when the student enrolls.

D. Maintenance of the permanent record when a student graduates

At the point of the student's graduation or at the time when the student would normally have graduated if the student had not withdrawn from school, the student's permanent record shall become a part of the permanent binder in the central fire resistant depository as designated and provided by the board of trustees of the school district. As an alternative method, such records may be maintained in a fire resistant storage at the school last attended by the student.

E. Individual responsible for the preservation of the permanent record

The permanent binding and preservation of inactive records shall be the duty of the superintendent of the school district who shall maintain a central depository of the records. At the time that the superintendent shall resign or otherwise leave the district, he/she shall account for and deliver the permanent record binders to the board of trustees of his/her school district.

F. Microfilming, photographing, or scanning of the permanent record Permanent records may be microfilmed, photographed, or scanned. When a school district makes complete copies of inactive permanent records on photographic film or microfilm which may be reproduced as needed, such permanent records may be destroyed after the photographic film or microfilm copy has been stored in a central, fire- resistant depository of the district. If the permanent record is filmed, care should be taken to ensure the highest quality of filming, so that the film will produce a good readable permanent record. [MS Code 37-15-3]
G. Maintenance of permanent records when a school closes

Permanent records of any school (public or nonpublic) that closes are transferred to the central depository of the school district wherein the closed school is located.


7 Miss. Code. R. § 22-IV

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