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The permanent record contains the legal name and address of the student, date of birth as verified by birth certificate, courses taken and grades or proficiency level earned, immunization record, date of withdrawal or graduation, social security number (optional), record of performance on the required graduation tests, and any other information determined by the State Board of Education.

A. Personal and Family Data Name

Print or type the full name copied from the certified birth certificate or other prescribed evidence established in MS Code 37-15-1.

Certified Birth Certificate Number

Record and properly identify all numbers (such as State no., State file no., and Registrar no.) found on the certificate. If not numbered, record and categorize any identifying information that is on the certificate. If the certified birth certificate is not available, record and identify the type of evidence used to verify date of birth.

Birth certificate means a certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The school is not required to keep the certified copy of the birth certificate. Keeping a copy of the birth certificate for future reference is based on local district policy.

Verification initials

The school official who is responsible for verifying the information on the birth certificate should initial this section.

MSIS ID Number

Record the MSIS ID Number.

Social Security Number

This information is optional. Copy the student's social security card if the school decides to include this information.

Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity

Check Yes or No on the revised permanent record.


Record race using the following abbreviations for the various classifications:

NA American Indian or Alaska Native

AS Asian

B Black or African American

PI Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

W White

H Hispanic or Latino or Spanish

TM Two or More Races


Record M for male or F for female.

Place of Birth

Record City, County, and State.

Date of Birth

Record Month, Day, and Year.

Address and Telephone Number

Record this information in pencil and keep it current.

Father, Mother, and/or Guardian

Record full name of father and mother to include mother's maiden name. Record legal guardian's name, if applicable.

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B. Entrance Record

Record date, grade level, school name and address. No other entry will be made to the entrance record until the student transfers to another school or re-enters the same school after withdrawal. Use State Codes listed in Appendix B to indicate the reason for entry.

C. Withdrawal Record

Record the date and grade level when the student withdraws from school. Use State Codes listed in Appendix B to indicate the reason for withdrawal.

D. Record of Transfer

When the student's record is requested, record the date, and school name and address to which the record is sent. Use State Codes listed in Appendix B to indicate the reason for the transfer. If the student transfers to another school within the district, the permanent record will be sent with the cumulative folder. However, if the student is transferring outside the district, the last school attended in the district will keep the permanent record. The written consent of the eligible student is not required if the school district includes a notice of its policies and procedures developed under Section 99.5 of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act that indicates the district forwards education records to a school on request.

Date Grade Nam" and Address of School Date Grade State Code DatE Name and Address of School
E. Elementary School Progress (Grades Pre-K to 6)

Continue completing the permanent record by recording the year, number of days school is in session, the grade level in which the student is enrolled, and grades assigned to the student in the various subjects. The area designated for passing marks should be completed (e.g., Satisfactory (S), Unsatisfactory (U), 1-100, A-F).

The subjects listed on the far left of the permanent record are designated for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. (Record pre-kindergarten if applicable.) The subjects listed to the left of the first grade column pertain to the remaining elementary grades. Record student's grades starting with first grade in the spaces to the right of the subject's column. Continue recording grades in this section through the sixth grade.

Special codes, such as grade level (GL), below grade level (BGL), etc., may be used for the gifted, special education, etc. Promotion shall be indicated (with yes or no); the name of the teacher responsible for completing the permanent record shall be indicated; and the name of the school at the end of the school year shall be recorded.

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F. Secondary School Progress (Grades 7-12)

Subjects for each grade level should be listed. This also includes courses a student takes through distance learning, correspondence, or a virtual school program for Carnegie unit credit. Once a student remains enrolled in a course following the drop/add period, the student will receive a grade for the course. Courses dropped after the course withdrawal deadline will still appear on the student's official transcript.

Record name of school, grade level, year, number of days in school session, subjects, semester grades, year average, and credit when courses have been completed. If a student transfers before the end of the semester, the grades should not be entered, but a written evaluation of the student's work or a report card should be included in the cumulative folder.

If a student demonstrates proficiency in Keyboarding and/or Computer Applications, student demonstrated proficiency must be recorded on the secondary portion of the cumulative folder. (See the current guidelines for demonstrating proficiency.) In the column indicating the amount of credit earned, record the letter "P" for proficiency.

If a student attends summer school, or takes a correspondence course, record date, school, subjects, and grades in the summer school (S.S.) section.

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G. Attendance Record

At the end of the school year, record from the register or school enrollment database the number of days absent.

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H. Immunization Certificate of Compliance

This information must be obtained from the parents at the time the student enrolls. Immunization Certificate of Compliance is issued by the local health officers or physicians on forms specified by the Mississippi State Board of Health. These forms shall be the only acceptable means for showing compliance. The appropriate school official shall write the date of immunization compliance on the permanent record and initial verification. If the temporary certificate of compliance is received, record no data. It is the parent's responsibility to secure and present the permanent certificate of compliance according to the date designated on the temporary certificate. Compliance certificates for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students will be the same as those for six-year-old students. [MS Coae 41-23-37]

Date of Compli nce:
Verified by· (Initials]
I. Medical Information

This information should be obtained from the parents at the time the student enrolls and should be kept current.

Aneml Asthma ghgh ghgh
Diabetes Allergy ghgh ghgh
Epilepsy Rheumatic Fever ghgh ghgh
Tuberculosis Hearing ghgh ghgh
Vision Other ghgh ghgh
J. Summary of High School Units

At the end of the school year, record the number of Carnegie units earned in each subject. Record eighth grade unit(s) in the first blank column. At the bottom, total the number of units earned each year. When the student completes requirements for graduation, complete the total column at the right of the chart. This is a required section to record all high school units.

Subje ts 2 2 Total
S ience
Soc. Studies
Computer Edu.
The Arts
K. Graduation Facts

When a student meets the required Carnegie units for graduation, complete the Graduation Facts section. Record the month, day, and year the student graduated, the student's class rank (if applicable), the number of students in the graduating class. and the student's grade average based on the school district's point system. If a school district gives a special diploma or certificate for another program offered by the school, complete only the month. day, and year the student completed the other prescribed program. Do not include this student in the class rank.

The Principal's original signature is required for verification. (A signature stamp is not acceptable.)

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L. Transcript of High School Record

A photocopy of the secondary side of the permanent record may serve as the transcript for admission to colleges and universities. Transcripts of a record may be mailed upon the written request of the student, the student's parents, or the student's legal guardian. Record the date and the name of the college, the company, individual, etc., to which the transcript is sent in the designated space.

When a transcript is given to one party, it is not to be released to any other party without written consent from the person named em the transcript. This statement is included in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Sent to: Date:
M. Record of Tests

Only test scores which are necessary or significant for college and vocational planning in grades 7-12 should be recorded (e.g., PLAN, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, ACT).

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7 Miss. Code. R. § 22-V

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