7 CSR 10-6.015 - Definitions

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 24, December 15, 2021

PURPOSE: This rule provides definitions of terms in addition to those terms defined in section 226.510, RSMo.

(1) Animated means the display image(s) or message(s) moves or appears to have motion.
(2) Automatic changeable display means a display with the capability of content changes by means of mechanical or electronic input.
(3) Back-to-back sign, double-faced sign, or V-type sign is a sign with two (2) sides each of which can be read from opposite directions of the same roadway, with not more than two (2) faces to each side, and not more than two (2) display areas to each facing. The faces must be physically contiguous, connected by the same structure or cross-bracing or located not more than fifteen feet (15') apart at their nearest point.
(4) Changed conditions mean a change in facts or local ordinance, such as but not limited to, discontinuance of a commercial or industrial activity, decrease in the limits of an urban area, reclassification of a secondary highway to interstate or federal aid primary or National Highway System (NHS) highway status, upgrading of an urban primary highway to freeway status or amendment of a comprehensive local zoning ordinance from commercial to residential or the like.
(5) Commercial or industrial activities are defined in section 226.540(5) and (6), RSMo.
(6) Commission means the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.
(7) Department means the Missouri Department of Transportation.
(8) Digital technology means display of a message by manipulation of light projected onto a screen or otherwise produced within the screen including displays using light emitting diode (LED) technology, plasma technology, or any industry equivalent that produces the same result as these technologies.
(9) Display means a single graphic design which advertises goods, services, or businesses.
(10) Erect means to construct, build, raise, assemble, place, affix, attach, create, paint, draw, or in any other way bring into being or establish.
(11) Flashing means emitting a series of sudden and transient outbursts of light.
(12) Highway means any existing highway or a roadway project for which the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission has authorized the purchase of right-of-way.
(13) Intermittent means occurring at intervals.
(14) Lawful means lawfully erected and in compliance with all other legal requirements including, but not limited to, permit requirements, payment of biennial inspection fees, and in the case of nonconforming signs, the requirements of 7 CSR 10-6.060(3).
(15) Lawfully erected means erected prior to January 1, 1968 or erected after January 1, 1968, in compliance with the sizing, lighting, spacing, location, permit, and all other requirements of sections 226.500-226.600, RSMo as provided by those sections at the erection date of the sign; or erected after January 1, 1968, and before March 30, 1972, in compliance with the sizing, lighting, spacing, and location requirements in effect at the time of erection, but for which a permit was not obtained prior to March 30, 1972.
(16) Maintain means allow to exist.
(17) Main-traveled way means the through traffic lanes of the highway.
(18) Nonconforming sign or nonconforming outdoor advertising means a sign which was lawfully erected but which does not conform to the requirements of state statutes enacted at a later date or which later fails to comply with state statutes due to changed conditions.
(19) On-premises sign is limited to outdoor advertising which advertises-the sale or lease of the property upon which it is located, the name of the establishment or activity located upon the premises upon which it is located, or the principal or accessory products or services offered by the establishment or activity upon the premises upon which it is located.
(20) Parkland means any publicly-owned land which is designated or used as a public park, recreation area, wildlife or waterfowl refuge, or historic site.
(21) Premises is limited to improvements, buildings, parking lots, landscaping, storage, or processing areas as well as any other contiguous land actually used in connection with the premises or for access.
(22) Scenic area means any area of particular scenic beauty or historic significance as determined by the federal, state, or local officials having jurisdiction of the area and includes interests in land which have been acquired for the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of scenic beauty .
(23) Sign means outdoor advertising as defined by section 226.510(3), RSMo.
(24) Spot zoning for outdoor advertising or strip zoning for outdoor advertising means an amendment, variance, or exception to the comprehensive local zoning ordinance classifying or zoning a parcel of land as commercial, industrial, or suitable for outdoor advertising, out of harmony with the zoning classification or uses of surrounding land as determined by the department's authorized representative.
(25) Stacked sign means a sign with one (1) or more displays placed one (1) above another on a single structure.
(26) Support pole(s) means the upright support(s) to which the face is attached exclusive of bracing mechanism.
(27) Unlawful signs or unlawful outdoor advertising are those identified as unlawful in sections 226.580.1 and 226.580.2, RSMo, 7 CSR 10-6.040(5), and 7 CSR 10-6.080(2), and nonconforming signs which have failed to comply with the requirements of 7 CSR 10-6.060(3).
(28) Unzoned area means an area where there is no comprehensive zoning regulation. It does not include areas which have rural zoning classifications, land uses established by zoning variances or special exceptions under comprehensive local zoning ordinances.
(29) Unzoned commercial or industrial areas or unzoned commercial or industrial land is defined by sections 226.540(4) and 226.540(5), RSMo and 7 CSR 10-6.040(2)(B).
(30) Visible means capable of being seen, whether or not legible, without visual aid by a person of normal visual acuity. A person of normal visual acuity is any person licensed by Missouri to operate a motor vehicle upon the highways of this state.
(31) Zoned commercial or industrial areas are areas which are zoned industrial, commercial, or the like per section 226.540(5), RSMo and which meet the requirements of 7 CSR 10-6.040(2)(C).


7 CSR 10-6.015
AUTHORITY: section 226.150, RSMo 2000, and sections 226.500-226.600, RSMo 2000 and Supp. 2013. Original rule filed May 16, 1977, effective Oct. 15, 1977. For intervening history, please consult the Code of State Regulations. Amended: Filed Oct. 3, 2013, effective May 31, 2014.

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