129 Neb. Admin. Code, ch. 8, § 004 - Monitoring and related recordkeeping and reporting requirements

004.01 Each Class I permit shall contain the following monitoring requirements:
004.01A All emissions monitoring and analysis procedures or test methods required under the applicable requirements, including any procedures and methods established in Chapter 31 or pursuant to any permit or order issued by the Director under this Title.
004.01B Where the applicable requirement does not require periodic testing or instrumental or non-instrumental monitoring, periodic monitoring sufficient to yield reliable data from the relevant time period that are representative of the source's compliance with the permit. Such monitoring requirements shall assure use of terms, test methods, units, averaging periods, and other statistical conventions consistent with the applicable requirement.
004.01C As necessary, requirements concerning the use, maintenance, and installation of monitoring equipment or methods and quality assurance and control procedures.
004.02 Each Class I permit shall incorporate all applicable recordkeeping requirements and require, if necessary, the following:
004.02A Records of required monitoring information that include the following:
004.02A1 The date and place as defined in the permit, and time of sampling or measurements;
004.02A2 The date(s) analyses were performed;
004.02A3 The company or entity that performed the analyses;
004.02A4 The analytical techniques or methods used;
004.02A5 The results of such analyses; and
004.02A6 The operating conditions existing at the time of sampling or measurement.
004.02B Retention of records of all required monitoring data and support information for a period of at least 5 years from the date of the monitoring sample, measurement, report, or application. Support information includes all calibration and maintenance records and all original chart recordings for continuous monitoring instrumentation, and copies of all reports required by the permit. The permit may specify that records may be maintained in computerized form.
004.03 Each Class I permit shall incorporate all applicable reporting requirements and shall, at a minimum, require the following:
004.03A Submittal of reports of required monitoring at least every 6 months. All instances of deviations from permit requirements must be clearly identified in such reports. All required reports must be certified by a responsible official in accordance with Chapter 7, section 008.
004.03B Reporting of deviations from permit requirements, including those attributable to upset conditions as defined in the permit, the probable cause of such deviations, and any corrective actions or preventive measures taken. The permit shall require reporting of deviations as follows:
004.03B1 Any deviation resulting from emergency or upset conditions as defined in Chapter 11 shall be reported within two working days of the date on which the permittee first becomes aware of the deviation, if the permittee wishes to assert the affirmative defense authorized under said section;
004.03B2 Any deviation that poses an imminent and substantial danger to public health, safety, or the environment shall be reported as soon as is practicable;
004.03B3 Any other deviations that are identified in the permit as requiring more frequent reporting than the permittee's semi-annual report shall be reported on the schedule specified in the permit.
004.03B4 All reports of deviations shall identify the probable cause of the deviations and any corrective actions or preventative measures taken.
004.04 Every report submitted under 004.03 shall be certified by a responsible official, except that a report of a deviation required under 004.03B must be submitted within ten days of the deviation. The report may be submitted initially without a certification if an appropriate certification is provided within ten days thereafter, together with any corrected or supplemental information required concerning the deviation.


129 Neb. Admin. Code, ch. 8, § 004
Amended effective 6/24/2019

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