Nev. Admin. Code § 444.280 - Bathers: Requirements; prohibitions

1. All bathers at a public bathing or swimming facility shall take a cleansing shower using warm water and soap and shall thoroughly rinse off all soap suds before entering or reentering the pool enclosure.
2. Persons not dressed for bathing must not be allowed in the pool.
3. Persons suffering from colds, fever, coughs, sore or inflamed eyes, any skin disease or any communicable disease or open sores or bandages must be excluded from the facility.
4. Spitting, soiling, or in any way contaminating the water, walkways, or dressing room floors in the facility must be prohibited.
5. Except as otherwise provided in NAC 444.288, eating, drinking and smoking within the pool enclosure are prohibited.
6. Bringing or throwing into the water or onto walkways any objects that may in any way carry contamination, endanger safety of bathers or produce unsightliness must be prohibited.
7. No boisterous or rough play may be permitted in the water, on the walkways, diving boards, floors or platforms, or in the dressing rooms or showers.
8. Persons under the influence of liquor must not be permitted in or about the facility.
9. Public bathing or swimming facilities are for use of people only; animals must be excluded from the pool and enclosure.


Nev. Admin. Code § 444.280
Bd. of Health, Public Bathing Places Reg. Art. 39 §§ 39.1-39.6, 39.8 & 39.9, eff. 5-21-74-NAC A 11-1-88

NRS 439.200, 444.070

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