Nev. Admin. Code § 641.112 - State examination of applicant for licensure as a psychologist: Content; review of failed examination; reexamination; fee; prohibited acts

1. The Board will administer a state examination to each applicant for a license as a psychologist.
2. The state examination will consist of questions addressing the practice of professional psychology, including, without limitation, federal and state laws, ethical principles and codes of professional conduct relevant to the practice of psychology in this State. At least 30 days before the state examination, the Board will furnish a description of the content to be covered in the state examination to each applicant.
3. An applicant who fails the state examination may review his or her state examination upon written request submitted to the Board. The written request must be submitted within 10 days after receiving written notice of the failure.
4. An applicant who fails the state examination:
(a) Once or twice may retake the state examination.
(b) Three times may not retake the state examination unless the applicant requests permission and obtains approval from the Board to retake the state examination for a fourth time. The applicant must submit to the Board a written request to retake the state examination and a written plan explaining the steps the applicant will take to pass the state examination. The Board will approve the request to retake the state examination if the Board determines that the written plan submitted by the applicant is likely to result in the applicant passing the state examination.
(c) Four or more times may not retake the state examination except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, and his or her application for licensure pursuant to NRS 641.160 is deemed denied. A person whose application is deemed denied pursuant to this paragraph may, not earlier than 18 months after the date on which he or she is notified by the Board that he or she failed that state examination for the immediately preceding time, request permission in writing from the Board to reapply for licensure and retake the state examination. The Board will, if good cause is shown, approve the request.
5. The fee for the state examination must be paid before the state examination is administered. A fee must be paid each time the applicant takes the state examination.
6. An applicant shall not:
(a) Remove any notes taken during the state examination;
(b) Record the state examination by electronic or other means; or
(c) Engage in any other conduct that results in the disclosure of the contents of the state examination.


Nev. Admin. Code § 641.112

Added to NAC by Bd. of Psychological Exam'rs, eff. 7-11-94; A by R078-99, 3-13-2000; R131-09, 1-28-2010; R209-09, 10-15-2010; R127-14, 6-28-2016

NRS 641.100, 641.110, 641.180

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