1. 385.6013 - "Registered private school" defined
  2. 385.6015 - Registration of scholarship organization to participate in Program
  3. 385.602 - Information provided quarterly and annually to Department by registered scholarship organization; Department to compile and review information
  4. 385.6025 - Annual financial statement of registered scholarship organization; notice of ineligibility or ceasing to exist; disclosure of certain financial records
  5. 385.603 - Notice to Department of Taxation of certain donations received by registered scholarship organization; maximum duration to carry forward donation
  6. 385.6035 - Department of Education to maintain directory of scholarship organizations on Internet website, submit quarterly list of scholarship organizations to Department of Taxation and submit annually summary of certain information
  7. 385.6043 - Application to receive grant from registered scholarship organization; responsibilities of organization; order of priority to award grants
  8. 385.6045 - Notice to school district that pupil will not attend current school; written statement to and quarterly payments from scholarship organization; transfer of pupil; authorized uses of grant
  9. 385.6055 - Registration of school with Department to receive grant on behalf of pupil
  10. 385.606 - Annual administration of norm-referenced test approved by Department
  11. 385.6065 - Quarterly submission of electronic list of certain information; annual report of aggregate data
  12. 385.607 - Complaint concerning violation of Program; required information; determination and authorized actions

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