CHAPTER 449A - Registry of Advance Directives for Health Care (449A.600 to 449A.705)

  1. 449A.600 - Definitions
  2. 449A.605 - "Advance directive" defined
  3. 449A.610 - "Advance directive locator" defined
  4. 449A.615 - "Agent" defined
  5. 449A.620 - "Authorization to change form" defined
  6. 449A.625 - "Authorized provider" defined
  7. 449A.630 - "Provider access application and agreement" defined
  8. 449A.635 - "Provider of health care" defined
  9. 449A.640 - "Registrant" defined
  10. 449A.645 - "Registrant's file" defined
  11. 449A.650 - "Registration agreement" defined
  12. 449A.655 - "Registry" defined
  13. 449A.660 - "Request for registration access form" defined
  14. 449A.665 - Secretary of State to prescribe format of necessary forms, applications and agreements
  15. 449A.670 - Storage of electronic reproductions of certain documents in registrant's file in Registry; Internet access to Registry
  16. 449A.675 - Filing of advance directive or advance directive locator; issuance of registration card; registrant to keep file current
  17. 449A.680 - Amendment, suspension or revocation of advance directive or advance directive locator; precedence of documentation; validity
  18. 449A.685 - Removal, deletion or replacement of registrant's file in Registry
  19. 449A.690 - Submission of authorization to change form by agent must include declaration for agent to act on behalf of registrant
  20. 449A.695 - Authorized provider: Submission of application and agreement; issuance of unique identification number and access code
  21. 449A.700 - Authorized provider: Establishment of internal controls to limit access to unique identification number and access code; training of employees; audit by Secretary of State authorized
  22. 449A.705 - Access to Registry and information therein; confidentiality; record of access to registrant's file

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