SELF-INSURED EMPLOYERS - (616B.400 to 616B.496)

  1. 616B.400 - Purpose
  2. 616B.403 - Definitions
  3. 616B.406 - "Annual claims expenditures" defined
  4. 616B.409 - "Expected annual claims expenditures" defined (Repealed)
  5. 616B.412 - "Expected annual incurred cost of claims" defined
  6. 616B.415 - "Governmental employer" defined
  7. 616B.418 - "Program of self-insurance" defined
  8. 616B.421 - "Regulation" defined (Repealed)
  9. 616B.424 - Eligibility to self-insure
  10. 616B.427 - Governmental employer: Qualification as self-insured employer
  11. 616B.430 - Application to self-insure; fee
  12. 616B.433 - Determination of tangible net worth of employer; authority of Commissioner to accept additional deposit
  13. 616B.434 - Determination of net cash flows of employer
  14. 616B.436 - Required deposit: Form; management of certain securities; evaluation of certain securities and assets
  15. 616B.439 - Letter of credit: Requirements
  16. 616B.442 - Maintenance and review of documents to ensure adequacy of security deposit
  17. 616B.445 - Authority of Commissioner to require guarantee of indemnification
  18. 616B.448 - Administration of self-insurance by employer or independent contractor
  19. 616B.451 - Certificate of authority covering self-insured employer and any subsidiary or affiliated corporation: Procedure; requirements
  20. 616B.460 - Annual report: Filing; signature; failure to file
  21. 616B.463 - Estimated expenditures for claims; calculation of reserve for reopened claims
  22. 616B.469 - Submission of interim reports regarding occurrence of certain injuries and diseases (Repealed)
  23. 616B.471 - Purchase of annuity for payment of claim
  24. 616B.472 - Payment of claim with immediately negotiable instrument
  25. 616B.475 - Reserve Account to Protect Against Insolvency: Creation; initial assessment
  26. 616B.478 - Reserve Account to Protect Against Insolvency: Additional assessments; annual assessment
  27. 616B.481 - Reserve Account to Protect Against Insolvency: Use; reimbursement by employer
  28. 616B.484 - Reserve Account to Protect Against Insolvency: Special assessments; notification by mail; failure to pay; exception
  29. 616B.487 - Cancellation of certificate by employer
  30. 616B.490 - Withdrawal of certificate: Grounds; procedure
  31. 616B.493 - Withdrawal of certificate: Continuing jurisdiction; reports; audits
  32. 616B.496 - Severability

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