N.J. Admin. Code § 10:69-5.3 - Process of redetermination

(a) At the option of the beneficiary, the face-to-face interview may be conducted. The eligibility worker shall assist the beneficiary in the completion of the application form, providing explanation as necessary. If the beneficiary cannot read, the contents of the form shall be read to him or her. Upon request, the client shall be given a copy of his or her executed application form, with any attachments. Signature requirements shall be the same as for initial application. The contact shall focus on discussion of the eligibility factors, which are subject to change and shall include information about any change in agency policy or procedure that affects the beneficiary's status. There shall also be a reevaluation of the family's need for social services. When the parent is represented by a protective payee or has a representative payee, such person shall also be interviewed. A summary report including all pertinent information shall be made for each contact with the parent(s), parent-person(s) or collateral sources.
(b) In each redetermination, it is the responsibility of the eligibility worker to complete the appropriate forms.
1. When there is a pending claim, the appropriate procedure in 10:69-3.35 shall be followed.
(c) Attention shall be given to any change in residence that may affect county responsibility.
(d) Eligibility with respect to age and school attendance shall be evaluated for a child who is nearing the age beyond which he or she is no longer eligible. The eligibility of the family shall be evaluated when the youngest child is nearing the age and school situation beyond which he or she will no longer be eligible.


N.J. Admin. Code § 10:69-5.3
Amended by R.2005 d.64, effective 2/22/2005.
See: 36 New Jersey Register 3622(a), 37 New Jersey Register 646(a).
In (a), rewrote the first sentence.

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