N.J. Admin. Code § 13:70-29A.2 - Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this subchapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Multi-pool traditional wagering" means the form of parimutuel wagering traditionally associated with horse race wagering in this State, as authorized by this chapter, and the varieties of wagers authorized for such wagering, including, but not limited to, trifecta, exacta, win, place, and show.

"Odds calculation engine" means a computer and its related hardware and software components, which, upon prior approval of the Racing Commission, may interface with the totalisator to receive wagering data from the totalisator, to perform single-pool wagering odds calculations, to calculate payoffs for winning single-pool wagering tickets, and after performing these functions, to then return the single-pool wagering odds calculation information to the totalisator. An odds calculation engine may be part of the totalisator or integrated within the totalisator, or it may be a separate component to the totalisator.

"Single-pool wager placement type" means a special form of wager to be specified by a patron at the time that he or she places a wager on a single-pool wager variety. Single-pool wager placement types authorized by this subchapter are a "combination wager," a "multiple race wager," a "limit wager" an "all-or-none wager," and such additional single-pool wager placement types that may be approved by the Racing Commission pursuant to 13:70-29A.7.

"Single-pool wager variety" means any wager variety authorized by this chapter for multi-pool traditional wagering, including, but not limited to, win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta, and such additional wager varieties that may be authorized for single-pool wagering by the Racing Commission pursuant to 13:70-29A.7.

"Single-pool wagering" means the form of wagering authorized by this subchapter where the cumulative proceeds of different single-pool wager varieties, including, but not limited to, trifecta, exacta, win, place, and show, on one or more races, are combined to form a single wagering pool, and following the deduction of the required takeout from the resulting single wagering pool proceeds, and applying parimutuel properties, the remaining balance of the proceeds are distributed to those individual winning ticket holders for the race or races whose cumulative wagers formed the single wagering pool.

"Single-pool wagering event" means a horse race wagering event, which, following approval by the Racing Commission of the race or races to be used to form the event, the single-pool wager placement types to be used to form the event, and the single-pool wager varieties to be used to form the event, may be offered for wagering to the public by a single-pool wagering outlet.

"Single-pool wagering outlet" means the following entities authorized by the Racing Commission to offer single-pool wagering events: a racetrack permit holder, an off-track wagering license holder, the account wagering licensee, and, subject to any required approval of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, any Atlantic City casino authorized to participate in casino simulcasting.

"Single-pool wagering provider" means a person, persons, association, partnership, organization, or other entity who is the operator of the odds calculation engine. The single-pool wagering provider may or may not also be the operator of the totalisator.

"Single wagering pool" means the single wagering pool formed as a result of a Racing Commission-approved single-pool wagering event.

"Single wagering pool unawarded surplus" means the unawarded surplus, which might arise in connection with a single-pool wager variety for a race, which single-pool wager variety and race is part of a Racing Commission-approved single-pool wagering event. For example, if no wager on a "place" single-pool wager variety was a winner, a single wagering pool unawarded surplus would arise because no winning bettor would be available to collect the portion of the funds, within the single wagering pool, arising from the inclusion within the pool of wagers placed for that single-pool wagering "place" variety.

"Totalisator," means a computer situated within the hub facility, which, among other things, directly or indirectly through one or more other totalisators receives pari-mutuel wagering information, calculates payoffs for winning pari-mutuel tickets, generates reports with respect to such information, and in the event that the transmission of data from a sending or host track has been interrupted, automatically ceases wagering in accordance with the internal control procedures of the hub facility. The totalisator, for purposes of single-pool wagering, interfaces with the odds calculation engine and receives single-pool odds calculation information from it. The totalisator may from time-to-time perform certain functions of the odds calculation engine, including the calculation of single-pool wagering odds calculations in those circumstances where the odds calculation engine is technologically incapable of directly supporting the calculation of odds, or in the event of a mechanical breakdown of the odds calculation engine.


N.J. Admin. Code § 13:70-29A.2

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