Regulations for the installation of driveways and curb cuts through the North Carolina Department of Transportation right of way of U.S. 64-264 on Roanoke Island:

(1) No driveway permit shall be issued by the North Carolina Department of Transportation until a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued by the commission.

(2) Any individual, individuals or group wishing to cut through the Corridor for a driveway or curb must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness as outlined in Section .0300.

(a) Driveway cuts made without obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be unlawful and constitute a nuisance. The commission shall give 30 days notice by registered mail to the owner of the property of a violation of these Regulations.

(b) Parcels of land adjacent to the Corridor right of way under one ownership shall be entitled to no more than two curb cuts and may be limited to one curb cut or driveway at the discretion of the commission, depending on the size and scope of the development to be served. If more than one use is to be located on said parcel, the number of curb cuts or driveways into the parcel shall still not exceed two and a feeder (frontage) road behind the Corridor may be permitted in order to limit the disturbance of the Corridor. The commission, by a majority vote, may waive this requirement if it is determined that better traffic operation and safety will result without compromising the visual integrity of the historic Corridor.

(c) Curb cuts and driveways shall be no wider than 36 feet at the apron adjacent to the highway pavement and 24 feet for the remainder of the driveway.

(d) Tracts subdivided after the effective date of these Regulations will be considered as one parcel.

(e) All driveways and curb cuts shall be designated to disturb the minimum number of plantings within the Corridor.

(Authority 1981 S.L., c. 1194, s. 6; Eff. February 1, 1987.)

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