Ohio Admin. Code 3356-10-15 - Animal care and use

Current through all regulations passed and filed through December 3, 2021

(A) Policy statement. The university is committed to ensuring the humane care and treatment of all animals utilized in research, teaching, and other activities in conformance with, but not limited to, relevant federal and state regulations. All activities involving animals are subject to review by the institutional animal care and use committee ("IACUC"), regardless of funding or funding source.
(B) Purpose. To ensure compliance with federal and state regulations to humanely, efficiently, effectively, and legally use live vertebrate animals in research, teaching, and other activities conducted on behalf of the university.
(C) Scope. This policy applies to all YSU faculty, staff, and students who work with vertebrate animals in research, teaching, and other activities performed at the university or through collaborations.
(D) Parameters.
(1) In accordance with the Health Research Extension Act of 1985, Pub. L. No. 99-158, the chief executive officer, i.e., the president, is required to annually appoint an IACUC as specified by federal regulations. At Youngstown state university the presidential authority to appoint the IACUC is delegated to the director of the office of research services as the authorized institutional official ("IO") of the university.
(2) The IACUC provides oversight of the university's animal care and use program components and facilities in accordance with the United States public health service ("USPHS") policy on humane care and use of laboratory animals by the national research council and the Animal Welfare Act by the United States department of agriculture and their applicable laws and regulations.
(3) The IACUC is charged with:
(a) Reviewing all new research and teaching projects and activities that involve animals, as well as significant changes to the use of animals in ongoing projects. This review process includes the authority to approve, require modification, withhold approval, or suspend activities.
(b) Conducting annual reviews and monitoring of previously approved and ongoing protocols, including complete review at least every three years and maintaining a process to suspend or terminate approval of research that is not being conducted in accordance with the committee's requirements or that has been associated with unexpected results.
(c) Overseeing and reviewing the university's animal care and use program, training, and inspection of all university's animal facilities at least semi-annually.
(d) Reporting findings of the semi-annual animal care and use program reviews and inspections and making recommendations about the program and the animal facilities to the IO.
(e) Informing the investigator(s) and IO in writing of the decision to approve or withhold approval of the proposed activity involving the use of animals.
(E) Procedures. Persons contemplating research utilizing the use of live animals or animal tissues should contact the IACUC at YSUIACUC@ysu.edu for information on forms and procedures. Applications, modifications, and transfer forms must be submitted to YSUIACUC@ysu.edu.

Replaces: 3356-10-15


Ohio Admin. Code 3356-10-15
Effective: 9/27/2021
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3356
Rule Amplifies: 3356
Prior Effective Dates: 04/24/2000, 06/16/2003, 08/21/2010, 01/22/2012, 05/08/2017

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