Ohio Admin. Code 3358:14-5-11 - Graduation requirements

(A) The associate degree is awarded upon the successful completion of any one of the two year degree program. A certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of any of the one year certificate programs.
(B) The college shall maintain the list of degrees and certificates eligible for graduation and published in the college catalog and other environs that the college deems appropriate.
(B)(C) To be considered a candidate for an associate degree or a certificate, the student must have completed all the requirements for that degree/certificate as described in the college Catalogcatalog in effect at the time the student enrolled in the program leading to that degree. If the requirements for the degree change while the student is enrolled in a degree program, the original requirements will apply to the student until he/she erns the degree or certificate or for a period of eight consecutive semesters from the time the student initially enrolled in the degree. If the student does not receive a degree within eight semesters of initial enrollment and there is a change in the degree requirements, the academic dean and vice president for academics and student services shall decide what requirements the student shall meet in order to be awarded a degree.
(D) The catalog in effect at the time of a student's acceptance to the college is their "catalog in force." If the requirements for the degree change while the student is enrolled in a degree or certificate program, the student may choose their entrance catalog or any subsequent catalog as their chosen catalog in force for meeting their graduation requirements.
(E) Students are expected to complete the requirements for their desired degree or certificate in a timely fashion. That period is six calendar years from the time the student initially enrolled in their degree or three calendar years for their certificate, unless otherwise determined by specific program accreditation. If the student does not receive a degree or certificate in a timely fashion, their graduation requirements become the catalog in force at the semester of graduation. Exceptions to this policy can be granted by the vice president for academics of the college.
(C) (F) To be considered a candidate for a degree or certificate, the student must meet the program grade point average requirements, complete the minimum number of credit hours at Northwest state NSCC for the degree or certificate, and complete or submit applicable assessment activities.

(D) To be considered a candidate for an associate degree or certificate, the student must file petition in accordance with procedures established by the college.

(E) (G) The college shall verify eligibility of individual students to receive degrees or certificates in accordance with established procedures.
(F) (H) Individuals may earn more than one degree or certificate provided all requirements are met as stated in this policy and the college catalog.
(1) The registrar will perform a degree audit to verify that all applicable degree/certificate requirements have been met. Current graduation requirements include:
(a) Successful completion of all required courses in the program. Certain majors require a "C" or better in certain courses to meet graduation requirements. Each required course in which an "F" grade is received must be repeated (please refer to course repeat policy and/or academic fresh start policy).
(b) Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00.
(c) Attain a minimum 2.00 grade point average in their technical courses.
(d) Complete a minimum of thirty per cent of the credits from NSCC.
(e) In addition, graduates may be required to:
(i) Complete a nationally normed test.
(ii) Submit the required elements of a portfolio.
(2) Students are eligible to receive only one degree within a technology but may have more than one major. All majors are listed on the student's transcript. Diplomas are issued for each degree within a technology. Students applying for a certificate and associate degree within the same technology at the same time will be awarded the higher degree only.
(3) When a student completes a second major at any time within the same technology area, the second major will be added to the transcript.
(4) Any student graduating with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher will be graduated with honors, including a notation of this honor placed on the student's diploma and transcript, as follows:


3.50 - 3.74

cum laude


3.75 - 3.89

magna cum laude


3.90 - 4.00

summa cum laude

(5) Students who are verified as having met all degree/certificate requirements and do not have an outstanding obligation (e.g.: financial, academic) to the college; will receive their diplomas within ninety days of when all final grades have been verified.
(6) Official college diplomas will be mailed to the mailing address listed in the college's student information. Students are expected to keep their contact information, including mailing address, up-to-date.
(7) The college may choose to use a surrogate or unofficial diploma to assist in celebrating student completion of their degree or certificate requirements.


Ohio Admin. Code 3358:14-5-11
Effective: 9/24/2021
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3358
Rule Amplifies: 3358
Prior Effective Dates: 03/16/2015

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