Ohio Admin. Code 3364-40-19 - Student fees and accounts

Current through all regulations passed and filed through September 3, 2021

(A) Policy statement

The board of trustees is the sole authority for establishing all student fees and charges which are detailed in the university finance brochure. All instructional fees, tuition surcharges, student general fees and other applicable student fees and charges, are due and payable according to the university's established due dates. Payment to the university is to be made in United States ("U.S.") currency only. The preferred method of payment is via e-check and credit card which can be made online via the my ut portal (a processing fee is charged on credit card payments). Payments may also be made by personal check, money order or cash (we highly discourage using cash to make payment) to the university of Toledo at:

(1)" "P.O. Box 10004, Toledo, OH 43699-0004, 2801 West Bancroft St., MS 331, Toledo, OH 43606-3328"
(2) Or to the depositories on campus.
(B) Roles and responsibilities
(1) The executive vice president for finance and administration/chief financial officer ("CFO") or equivalent position is the university administrative officer responsible for the implementation of this policy.
(2) The treasurer's office has the responsibility of billing and collecting all amounts due to the university. The treasurer's office also has the responsibility of processing refunds to students. Refund policies will be approved by the board of trustees and published in the university finance brochure.

Questions regarding fees assessed should be addressed to the rocket solution central office.

Student records policies and procedures of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is followed in release of student financial information.

(3) Students are responsible for the amount of fees and charges assessed to their student account. Each student must, each term, pay all money due the university. This includes fees billed, fines, and any other type of financial obligation. Student's accounts and loan repayments must be kept current in order to maintain enrollment eligibility and receive university documents and services.
(4) Student refunds: Refund policies will be approved by the board of trustees and published in the university finance brochure.

Issuance of refunds -- All university refunds will be issued to the student as the account holder through university check or authorized direct deposit to the bank account of the student's choice (either checking or savings). " PLUS" loan refunds are issued to the parent who holds the loan account (borrower).

Refunds will be issued according to original assessment (student level) and adjust the student account balance accordingly.

Courses canceled by the university will be refunded at one hundred percent percent.

All classes including seminars, workshops, and weekend courses will be refunded according to a proportionate refund policy based on the length of the course. The refund policy may not be applicable to contract courses.

Residence hall deposits and payments refund.

Housing payments and deposit refunds will be based on the housing and dining terms and conditions that were electronically agreed to when signing up for housing.

Refunds - Higher Education Reauthorization Act:

Federal policy requires issuance of a pro rata refund to the loan and/or grant program for students who have received a federal Title IV grant or loan, or whose parents received a "PLUS" loan and have dropped or withdrawn from all registered courses for a term. The pro rata refund calculation is based on the percentage of enrollment period at the time the student cancels (exits).

Students who qualify for a medical drop or withdraw are also required to go through the pro rata calculations.

(5) All student loans issued through the university and the repayment thereof will be made in accordance with existing federal and state regulations where applicable as well as in accordance with any restrictions or conditions as specified by the university and/or loan fund donors.

The treasurer's office is responsible for the collection of all fees, charges, and loans on a timely basis in accordance with existing federal and state regulations when applicable. For those payments not made on a timely basis, the treasurer's office may certify to the attorney general of the state of Ohio pursuant to section 131.02 of the Revised Code and may be collected in the manner set forth pursuant to section 113.08 of the Revised Code. In addition, past due balances may be assessed collection costs and may be reported to national credit agencies.

(6) There will be a monthly late payment fee assessed in an amount per the finance brochure on past due UT invoices.

No late fee will be assessed on the student account, for students who have applied for federal financial aid (FAFSA) Title IV funds that fully cover institutional charges, and the university has received a valid response file, by the payment due date.

A student with a past due balance may expect the following:

(a) registration for a succeeding term will not be permitted;
(b) a transcript will not be issued;
(c) a diploma will not be released;
(d) amounts due may be withheld from refunds, grants, awards, or other payments due from the university. The university reserves the right to drop classes for the current semester if payment arrangements have not been established. Rocket card privileges may be suspended affecting but not limited to meal plan, door access as well as student recreation center privileges. Failure to pay all outstanding balances due or enter in a repayment plan may also result in eviction from on-campus housing.
(7) Returned checks or automated clearing house ("ACH") payments will be charged a fee in accordance to the finance brochure. The university reserves the right to disallow payment by check for up to one year for returned checks due to non-sufficient funds.


Ohio Admin. Code 3364-40-19
Effective: 4/19/2021
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364
Prior Effective Dates: 10/22/2018, 04/15/2019

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