Ohio Admin. Code 3364-40-23 - Identification badges

Current through all regulations passed and filed through September 3, 2021

(A) Policy statement

All employees of the university of Toledo "university" and university of Toledo medical center "UTMC" residing on the health science campus "HSC" are required to obtain a university issued identification badge upon hire.

In addition, all volunteers, students, suppliers, contractors and affiliates working or conducting business on the health science campus are required to wear either a university issued identification badge indicating their correct name, title, position and department or a temporary paper badge issued manually by a department or through a kiosk. The wearing of a supplier, contractor or affiliate company badge does not meet the requirement of university issued badging.

Certain medical device suppliers present in patient care settings, suppliers providing contracted services and pharmaceutical representatives will utilize an onsite badging and credentialing system for temporary badging during visits to HSC.

(B) Purpose of policy

Identification badging is necessary to ensure only the appropriate people who have a purpose working at or visiting the health science campus are identified by the role that they hold. All identification badges must be worn visibly while working on or off the premises when conducting business on behalf of the university or UTMC.

(C) Supplier scrub access and use of vendormate supplier registration system Medical suppliers who are routinely on campus and require access to hospital owned scrub uniforms will be issued a university identification badge and proximity card for scrub machine access.

These medical suppliers, certain non-medical suppliers (i.e., performing services), those suppliers/sales representatives meeting with clinicians and pharmaceutical representatives are required to sign in at one of several kiosks (vendormate) located throughout the hospital each time they visit the health science campus to receive a temporary identification badge. These badges expire twenty-four hours from issuance.

(D) Badge requirements

Identification badges are university property. Badges are to be worn in a visible location above the waist. Badges worn around the neck should be worn high enough to prevent the badge from becoming a safety hazard and high enough to be viewed. All badges must be worn facing outward with the name, picture, department, title and licensure visible. Identification badges may not be defaced in any way (i.e., stickers, buttons covering required information).

If an employee, volunteer, student, supplier, contractor or affiliate forgets or loses their identification badge on any given workday, they are required to obtain a replacement badge prior to assuming (or resuming) their work duties. Failure of staff to wear the identification badge may result in disciplinary action. Other categories of badge holders may be asked to leave campus until proof of badging is visible.

Every employee reserves the right to question any individual not wearing an identification badge.

All badges must be surrendered to the department prior to an individual ending their relationship with the university.

(E) Badge identification categories
(1) An individual's relationship to the health science campus may be identified as follows:
(a) Employee (including residents) - white with red bar code, UT and UTMC logo, photo on right side.
(b) Volunteer - white with grey square around name.
(c) Student - white with red bar code and yellow rocket logo.
(2) An affiliate's relationship to HSC may be identified as follows:
(a) On campus affiliate merchants and contractors - white with violet square around name.
(b) Contractors Foundation employees - white with black square around name the foundation'.
(c) Associate physician of UTMC - white with UTMC and university of Toledo physician "UTP" logo, photo on left side.
(d) Guest/consultant/intern - white with UT and UTMC logo with title such as "guest," "consultant or "intern." This classification of badge denotes a long term visitor of the university.
(e) Suppliers requiring badge for scrub access - white with violet square around name.
(F) Employee badge information specifications
(1) Names

Names will be used as established or modified in the banner system. First and last names will be on all badges with the exception of the following departments due to work environment:

(a) Emergency department.
(b) Psychiatry.

For these departments, the first initial of the last name shall replace the full last name.

(2) Licensure/degree information

Licensure is that are required to be displayed for all licensed care givers (i.e., "RN," "LPN," "PA," "PT," "RT," "MD," etc...) . are designated by human resources. In addition, one degree (i.e., "BS," "BSN," "MSN," "MBA," etc..) or one certification (i.e., "PTA," "EMT," etc..) may accompany the last name if room permits. Licensure and degrees will appear as it is listed or modified in the banner system.

(2) Title

Title of the individual will appear as it is listed or modified in the banner system.

(3) Red bar code

The red bar codes contains the university of Toledo authentication domain "UTAD" information as it is listed or modified in the banner system.

(G) Obtaining a new or replacement badge

Identification badges for new and existing employees and affiliates are obtained by logging into the myUT portal. Departments will be responsible for submitting the online requests for their guests, consultants, suppliers, contractors and/or interns.

Replacement identification badges are available and will be assessed the then current university approved fee, unless the replacement request is related to one of the following approved changes (title, department, credential) or if the badge is not the then current badge or if the photo or name is illegible due to normal wear and tear.


Ohio Admin. Code 3364-40-23
Effective: 9/28/2020
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364
Prior Effective Dates: 06/02/2018

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