Ohio Admin. Code 3364-5-15 - Campus visits by candidates for political office

Current through all regulations passed and filed through September 3, 2021

(A) Policy statement

Candidates for public office are welcome at the university of Toledo. These visits generate media coverage and promote interest and attendance by the public. As an academic institution, the university values the opportunity for students to view and participate in the political process. It is the policy of the university of Toledo to foster a spirit of free inquiry and to encourage the timely discussion of a wide variety of issues. Political campaigns may hold events on campus so long as the university does not endorse the campaign, it is open to campaigns from all candidates and parties, and university funds cannot be used to support the campaign.

(B) Purpose of policy

This policy provides the terms and conditions under which the university permits political campaigns to hold events on campus including topics such as maintaining institutional neutrality, paying for the cost of events, and the official point of contact for major events such as in presidential campaigns. The policy is to ensure that the university complies with federal and state law, protects the university's tax status, and protects the institution from political entanglements.

As a state supported university, federal tax law requires the university to remain politically neutral and prohibits any participation, directly or indirectly, in the campaign of any candidate or political party. While the university of Toledo is welcoming to all political candidates and parties, it cannot support, endorse, or promote any political candidate.

As public institution of higher education, the university of Toledo acknowledges its role in educating students and serving the community as a venue for the exchange of ideas. In fulfilling this responsibility, the university of Toledo is committed to the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and encourages its students, faculty and staff to exercise their vote and participate in the democratic process. The university is dedicated to protecting the freedoms of speech, expression, petition and peaceful assembly while maintaining its ability to impose reasonable time, place, and other restrictions on any campaign events.

(C) Scope

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and administrators of the university who are acting on behalf of the university. Nothing in this policy should be construed to limit one's ability to express personal opinions or restrict one's right to engage in political activities. However, when an affiliate of the university participates in political activity it must be done outside of his or her affiliation with the university.

(E) Procedure
(1) Equal opportunity for all candidates

The university of Toledo will provide political candidates or their supporters opportunities to speak at the university's facilities, so long as a similar opportunity is made available to all candidates. Official student groups may reach out to campaigns to host political events on campus under the conditions described in this policy.

(2) Point of contact

If recognized student groups, such as student political organizations, wish to host an event on campus, they must contact the office of government relations to describe the event and the suggested venue. In cases where the number of participants is not large, the group will be directed to hold the event in the student union following standard student union guidelines for holding external events.

If a candidate or campaign contacts a university faculty member, staff member, or administrator in their official capacity, that person must contact the office of government relations who will engage with the candidate or campaign on the nature of the event, the anticipated size of the event, the anticipated media coverage, and other aspects such as may be required for elected officials, presidents and former presidents, or candidates for the position of president of the United States.

(3) Coordination with other units on campus

The office of government relations will contact other offices, personnel, and officials on campus as required by the nature of the event. Such offices may include the office of legal affairs, the office of media relations, facilities services, and the university of Toledo police department.

(4) Use of university resources

The university shall not authorize the use of any university funds, services, or resources for the purpose of affecting the outcome of any election.

(5) Costs for the use of university facilities

Candidates and/or their supporting organizations must reimburse the university for expenses related to room set-up and clean-up and any damages resulting from the event. However, the university may provide resources toward expenses related to the event that are in the best interest of the university, such as making minor cosmetic improvements in space that may be viewed by a national audience. "UT" branding of the event may occur where appropriate.

(6) Use of university facilities for political campaign advertisements

University facilities shall not be used for the production of political campaign advertisements.

(7) Liability

Additionally, the university will not be liable for any accidents or incidents occurring during the campaign event.

(F) Other

The president of the university may grant exceptions to this policy. Such exceptions will be in writing.


Ohio Admin. Code 3364-5-15
Effective: 7/11/2016
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364

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