Ohio Admin. Code 3701-8-07 - Data and maintenance of records

(A) Providers shall designate at least one individual as a data system administrator who is responsible for the provider's data quality assurance plan. The data quality assurance plan shall be reviewed and updated annually, and must be produced to the department upon request. Data system administrators shall oversee and ensure:
(1) Data entry, as required, into the statewide data system within ten business days of the activity, except when otherwise specified;
(2) Home visiting supervisors must process progress notes within fifteen business days of submission by the home visitor;
(2)(3) Information entered into the statewide data system is consistent with the information in the program participant's record;
(3)(4) All staff required to enter, or supervise the entry of data into the statewide system, complete all department required trainings;
(4)(5) Required state and model reports regarding data quality, compliance, monitoring, goals and outcomes are completed run and analyzed at least quarterly;
(5)(6) That prior to granting individuals initial access or reactivation of previous access to the statewide data system, individuals have completed and submitted a data system user agreement form approved by the director; Data agreement forms shall be submitted to the department

(6) A roster of individuals who have access to personally-identifiable information of program participants is maintained and updated as the need for access changes. This roster shall be made available to the department upon request, and at a minimum shall specify:

(a) Whether the individual has access to paper records, electronic records, or both;

(b) The date that access was first granted.

(7) Notification to the department for deactivation of access to the statewide data system upon a user's termination, resignation, or a change in scope of duties that no longer warrants access to the data;
(8) That inactive users, or those who have not logged in within sixty days have their access terminated;
(9) Adherence to section 3701.17 of the Revised Code and other applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and rules with regard to confidentiality and security of personally identifiable information;
(10) That only one record is generated for each home visiting participant, containing requirements specified in paragraph (B) of this rule.
(B) The record of every family and caregiver receiving home visiting services shall meet evidenced-based or promising-practice model implementation standards, and at a minimum contain:
(1) Documentation of eligibility for home visiting services;
(2) Copies of any screening Screening and assessment tools administered in accordance with provider agreement;
(3) All family goal plans and family goal plan revisions containing the signature of the primary caregiver and the assigned home visitor;

(4) Referral from a public children services agency (PCSA), if applicable, on a form approved by the director;

(5)(4) Referral and referral follow-up provided on behalf of the family, if applicable, on a form approved by the director;
(6)(5) A consent to receive home visiting services signed by the primary caregiver on a form approved by the director. This consent shall indicate that the family was provided information on the potential benefits of home visiting services;
(7)(6) Consent to release information and coordinate health and social service referrals on a form approved by the director;
(8)(7) Copies of pertinent written correspondence received from and sent to the family, other health and/or social service providers.
(C) Records shall be retained electronically to fullest extent possible. In the event electronic record keeping is not possible, paper records shall be maintained in accordance with this chapter and must be retained for a period of six years from the date of receipt of payment for the service or until an audit is completed whichever is longer. All documentation shall be made available to the department upon request.

(D) Providers must ensure and document that the individual designated as data systems administrator has undergone both a criminal background check with the Ohio bureau of criminal identification and investigation, as well as a background check with the Ohio central registry on child abuse and neglect.

(E)(D) Upon request from a home visiting participant request, providers shall provide:
(1) A list of the types and locations of records collected, maintained, or used by the provider; and/or
(2) One electronic or paper copy of the complete record, free of charge and in accordance with rule 3701-8-08 of the Administrative Code.
(F)(E) If a program participant exits services or transfers to another provider within a department supported system, the current provider shall retain the original file, and provide, with written consent from the family, an electronic or paper copy of the participant's record to the new provider in a secure fashion. Information maintained in the statewide data system shall be updated before transfer of the program participant's record.
(G)(F) Providers shall document in the participant's record a log of every request made and granted to access or receive a copy of a program participant's record. Documentation log must include the name of the requester, the date the request was received by the provider, the date access was granted to the requester, and the purpose for which the individual is authorized to see or have a copy of the record.
(H)(G) All data is property of the department, and any research proposals whether internal or external, involving past or present participants, must first be approved by the department's institutional review board (IRB). Approval or denial of each request shall be communicated to the requesting entity.


Ohio Admin. Code 3701-8-07
Effective: 1/31/2022
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 7/1/2023
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3701.61
Rule Amplifies: 3701.61
Prior Effective Dates: 08/08/2005, 07/16/2010, 09/03/2012, 01/15/2015, 07/01/2018

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