Ohio Admin. Code 4781-7-02 - Certified manufactured home inspectors

(A) All manufactured home inspectors and/or plans reviewers that are not employed by the division shall be certified by the commission division. Certification shall be valid for three years.
(B) An applicant for to become a certified inspector and/or plans reviewershall meet the following:
(1) Experience. The applicant shall meet at least one of the following:
(a) Three years' experience in a responsible position of responsibility, directly related to construction, position such as foreman, which required the ability to effectively read and interpret building plans and specifications; or
(b) Three years' experience in an architect or engineer office performing building design or drafting duties or construction supervision; or
(c) An associate's associate degree (two years) from a college or university in architecture, engineering, or building technology; or
(d) Three years as a quality assurance inspector or field service technician in a manufactured homes manufacturing plant; or
(e) Three years as an Ohio licensed manufactured home installer; or
(f) State or national certification International code council or board of building standards current and active certification ) as a building inspector, residential inspector, or plans reviewer; or
(g) Any combination of experience and education in the manufactured homes construction industry or building construction industry totaling three years as approved by the commission division; or
(h) Other equivalent experience as approved by the commission division.
(2) Submit a complete application on a form approved by the commission division and a nonrefundable fee as set forth in paragraph (H) (G) of this rule.
(3) Successfully complete an approved inspector training course for the certification of manufactured homes inspectors;
(4) Pass the written examination set forth in rule 4781-8-07 of the Administrative Code prescribed by the division.
(C) Incomplete applications shall be held open for six months following notification of incomplete requirements by regular mail, facsimile, or email. After five months, a final notice of incomplete application shall be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested. If at the end of the six- month period the application remains incomplete, it shall be considered abandoned and the applicant shall be required to submit a new application, including any fees.

(D) The commission may approve an installation training course as suitable for an inspection training course. In addition, the commission may establish and require such training programs in the concept, techniques and inspection of manufactured homes for the personnel of commission certified political subdivisions as the commission deems necessary.

(E)(D) Each certified inspector and/or plans reviewer shall apply for renewal and pay a nonrefundable renewal fee in an amount set forth in paragraph (H) (G) of this rule prior to the expiration date of the certification. If a certified inspector and/or plan reviewer fails to renew his or her certification on or before his or her renewal date, he or she shall pay the renewal fee plus an additional late fee as set forth in paragraph (H) of this rule. The certification shall not be renewed until the certified inspector or plans reviewer has paid the renewal and late fee, if any. If an inspector and/or plans reviewer fails to renew his or her certification prior to the expiration of their certification, the certification shall be placed on lapsed status. An inspector and/or plans reviewer can activate their certification within the first three years of the lapsed status by paying the renewal fee, late fee, complying with the continuing education requirements and all other requirements as set forth in this chapter Any individual whose certification has expired may obtain a renewal within one year from the date of its expiration provided the holder has met all requirements for renewal, including payment of the renewal fee. All applications for renewal of expired certifications shall be processed as renewals during the one-year period following expiration. All applications for renewal of expired certifications submitted more than one year following the expiration shall be processed as a new application. The holder of a certification that has expired shall not perform any duties for which a certification is required.
(F) (E) All certified inspectors and/or plans reviewers shall be required to complete a minimum of twelve hours of continuing education training for each certification period. The certified inspector and/or plans reviewer shall provide the commission division with verification of completion of the required continuing education on the appropriate continuing education form.
(G) (F) Certified inspectors and/or plans reviewer.
(1) The commission division may set qualifications and contract with certified inspectors and/or plans reviewers as the commission division deems necessary to carry out additional inspections in all areas of the state.
(2) A copy of all deficiency reports from a certified inspector and/or plans reviewer must be provided to the authority having jurisdiction and the commission division. The deficiency report shall include the name and license number of the installer, a list of the deficiency or non-compliant items and the list of corrections, and the time period for the installer to correct the listed deficiencies or non-compliant items.
(H) (G) Certification fees.
(1) The non-refundable initial certification fee for certified inspectors and/or plans reviewers shall be fifty dollars for each three -year certification period.
(2) The non-refundable certification renewal fee for certified inspectors and/or plans reviewers shall be fifty dollars.

(3) The non-refundable late fee for certification renewal shall be twenty-five dollars in addition to the renewal fee.

(4) (3) Fees shall be made payable, by check or money order, to "Treasurer, State of Ohio," or by credit card. Any online payment of fees may be subject to a convenience fee as charged to the commission division.
(I) (H) The commission division may deny, suspend, decertify revoke, or refuse to renew the certification of any manufactured home inspector and/or plans reviewer or any inspection agency for any of the following reasons:
(1) Failure to meet the requirements for a certification or renewal of a certification under Chapter 4781. of the Revised Code;
(2) Failure to meet the continuing education requirements for renewal for a certification under Chapter 4781. of the Revised Code;
(3) Violation of Chapter 4781. of the Revised Code;
(4) Making a false or material misstatement in an application for certification;
(5) Inspecting manufactured homes in Ohio without a certification or without being employed as an inspector by a certified building department, health department, or third party agency;

(6) The inspector's failure to appear for a hearing before the commission or failure to comply with any final adjudication order of the commission issued pursuant to this chapter;

(7) (6) Conviction Been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude crime of moral turpitude or a disqualifying offense as those terms are defined in section 4776.10 of the Revised Code. The term "disqualifying offense" has the same meaning as that term is used in rule 4781-8-03 of the Administrative Code;
(8) (7) Having had a certification decertified revoked, suspended, or denied by the commission during the preceding two years division;
(9) (8) Having a certification decertified revoked, suspended, or denied by another state or jurisdiction within the preceding two years;
(10) (9) Engaging in conduct in another state or jurisdiction that would violate Chapter 4781. of the Revised Code if committed in this state;
(11) (10) Failing to provide electronic permit/inspection updates on the commission division website seal report in a timely manner to be determined by the commission division;
(12) (11) Acting in a manner that violates the code of ethics for manufactured home inspectors;
(13) (12) Violations of OMHC the division's rules and/or policies.
(J) (I) In addition to or in lieu of suspending, decertifying revoking, or refusing to renew a manufactured home inspector's certification for violation of Chapter 4781. of the Revised Code or any rule adopted pursuant thereto, the commission division may impose a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars per violation per day.
(K) (J) Any person whose certification or certification application has been revoked, decertified suspended, denied, or not renewed, may request an adjudication hearing within thirty days after receipt of the notice of the action. The hearing shall be held in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.
(L) (K) Reapplication after revocation, denial, or suspension.
(1) Any person whose certification has been decertified revoked or denied may apply for a new certification two years after the date on which the certification was decertified revoked or denied.
(2) Any person whose certification has been suspended for a period determined by the commission division may apply for renewal of the certification within thirty days of the end of the suspension period.
(M) (L) Upon suspension, revocation, or non-renewal, the person shall return the certification and identification card to the commission division within three days after receipt of the notice of suspension, revocation, or non-renewal.


Ohio Admin. Code 4781-7-02
Effective: 1/20/2020
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 8/27/2019 and 01/20/2025
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 4781.04, 4781.10, 4781.14
Rule Amplifies: 4781.04, 4781.07, 4781.12, 4781.14
Prior Effective Dates: 07/01/2007, 01/01/2010, 06/02/2011, 12/01/2012

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