Or. Admin. R. 411-360-0080 - Issuance of a License

(1) The Department issues a license within 60 days after the Department has received the completed application materials, if the home and applicant are found to be in compliance with these rules. The license specifies the type of license and includes the name of the licensee and resident manager (if applicable), address of the premises to which the license applies, the maximum capacity, expiration date, and classification level. The licensee must visibly post the license in the AFH-DD and the license must be available for inspection at all times.
(2) LIMITED LICENSE. A limited license is issued to a provider for the care of a specific individual. A provider with a limited license may not accept other placements. A provider with a limited license must meet the standards of an AFH-DD and acquire any additional training necessary to meet the specific support needs of the individual and may be subject to the requirements of:
(a) OAR 411-360-0140, Standards and Practices for Health Care;
(b) OAR 411-360-0160, Behavior Supports;
(c) OAR 411-360-0170, Documentation and Record Requirements;
(d) OAR 411-360-0180, General Practices; and
(e) OAR 411-360-0190, Standards for Admission, Transfers, Respite, Crisis Placements, Exits, and Closure.
(a) The Department may issue a 60-day provisional license to a qualified person if the Department determines that an emergency situation exists after being notified that the licensed provider is no longer overseeing the operation of the AFH-DD. A person is considered qualified if he or she is at least 21 years of age and meets the qualifications of a provider described in OAR 411-360-0110(1)(a-f)(h-m).
(b) A provisional license may be extended one time for a period of 30 days if an applicant has demonstrated a good faith effort to complete the application process and obtain the required qualifications and trainings.
(4) The Department may attach conditions to a license that limit, restrict, or specify other criteria for operation of the AFH-DD. The conditions must be posted with the license in the AFH-DD and be available for inspection at all times.
(5) A condition may be attached to a license that restricts admissions to the AFH-DD.
(6) A license for an AFH-DD is not transferable or applicable to any location or persons other than those specified on the license.
(7) When an AFH-DD is to be sold or otherwise transferred, the new provider must apply for, and obtain, a license prior to the transfer of operation of the AFH-DD.
(8) A license is valid for one year unless revoked or suspended.
(9) The Department does not issue a license to operate an additional AFH-DD to a provider who has failed to achieve and maintain substantial compliance with the rules and regulations while operating any existing home or homes.
(10) The Department does not issue an initial license unless:
(a) An applicant and home are in compliance with ORS 443.705 to 443.825 and these rules;
(b) The Department has completed an inspection of the home;
(c) The Department has completed a background check on the applicant, resident manager (if applicable), and any subject individual as defined in OAR 411-360-0020;
(d) The Department has determined that the applicant has the financial ability and maintains sufficient liquid resources to pay the operating costs of the home for at least two months without solely relying on potential income from individuals and room and board payments;
(e) The Department has checked the record of sanctions available from the Department's files, including the list of nursing assistants who have been found responsible for abuse and whose names have been added to the registry pursuant to ORS 441.678; and
(f) The Department has conducted a background check of the provider or resident manager with regard to founded abuse of children or substantiated abuse of adults.
(11) CHANGE OF RESIDENT MANAGER. If a resident manager changes during the period of time the license covers, the provider must notify the Department within 24 hours and identify who is to be providing care.
(a) The provider must submit a request for a change of resident manager to the Department with:
(A) A completed application for the resident manager applicant on the form supplied by the Department;
(B) A background check and a current consent form to conduct a background check for child abuse for the resident manager applicant; and
(C) A non-refundable payment fee of $10.00.
(b) A revised licensed with the name of the new resident manager is issued upon the Department's determination that the applicant meets the requirements of a resident manager and the applicant has received the Department's required AFH-DD training and passed the test.
(12) In seeking an initial license, the burden of proof to establish compliance with ORS 443.705 to 443.825 and these rules is upon the applicant.


Or. Admin. R. 411-360-0080
SPD 3-2005, f. 1-10-05, cert. ef 2-1-05; SPD 13-2010, f. 6-30-10, cert. ef. 7-1-10; SPD 34-2013, f. & cert. ef. 9-27-13

Stat. Auth.: ORS 409.050, 410.070, 443.725, 443.730, 443.735, 443.738, 443.742, 443.760, 443.765, 443.767, 443.775, & 443.790

Stats. Implemented: ORS 443.705 - 443.825

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