Sec. 210.13 - General

§ 210.13. General

(a) A person may not detonate explosives or supervise blasting activities unless the person has obtained a blaster's license.

(b) A blaster's license will only be issued or renewed after it is verified that the applicant is in compliance with 18 U.S.C.A. Chapter 40 and 27 CFR Part 555 (relating to commerce in explosives).

(c) The Department may exempt certain individuals from needing a blaster's license if the person is detonating extremely small amounts of explosives for industrial or research purposes. The Department will consider a written request for an exemption from the person seeking the exemption.

(d) Upon request, a blaster shall exhibit a blaster's license to the following:

(1) An authorized representative of the Department.

(2) The blaster's employer or an authorized representative of the employer.

(3) A police officer acting in the line of duty.

(e) A blaster's license is not transferable.

(The provisions of this § 210.13 adopted July 13, 2001, effective July 14, 2001, 31 Pa.B. 3751; amended June 22, 2018, effective June 23, 2018, 48 Pa.B. 3711 Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 48, No. 25. June 23, 2018, effective 6/23/2018)

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