Sec. 211.112 - Magazine license and fees

§ 211.112. Magazine license and fees

(a) A person storing explosives shall do so in a magazine licensed by the Department. A person may not construct, install or modify a magazine until the Department has issued or amended the license in writing. The licensee shall store explosives in accordance with the approved application, the license and this chapter.

(b) A magazine license will only be issued or renewed after it is verified that the applicant has complied with 18 U.S.C.A. Chapter 40 and 27 CFR Part 555 (relating to commerce in explosives) and is authorized as either a licensee or a permittee by the ATF. Verification can be provided by the applicant entering the ATF license or permit number on the license application.

(c) The license specifies the types and quantities of explosives to be stored in the magazine and any other condition necessary to ensure that the proposed activity complies with applicable statutes and this chapter.

(d) Licenses will be issued for a period of time set by the Department and the expiration date will appear on the license. If the Department receives a complete renewal application by the expiration date, the licensee may continue to operate under the current license until the Department acts on the renewal application.

(e) License fees are as follows:

(1) License:

(i) Application-$50

(ii) Site inspection-$50

(2) License modifications-$50

(3) License renewals-$50

(4) License transfers-no fee

(The provisions of this § 211.112 amended June 22, 2018, effective June 23, 2018, 48 Pa.B. 3711. Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 48, No. 25. June 23, 2018, effective 6/23/2018)

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