49 Pa. Code § 16.95 - Medical records

(a) A physician shall maintain medical records for patients which accurately, legibly and completely reflect the evaluation and treatment of the patient. The components of the records are not required to be maintained at a single location. Entries in the medical record shall be made in a timely manner.
(b) The medical record shall contain information sufficient to clearly identify the patient, the person making the entry if the person is not the physician-such as a physician assistant or a certified registered nurse practitioner-the date of the medical record entry and patient complaints and symptoms.
(c) Clinical information pertaining to the patient which has been accumulated by the physician, either by himself or through his agents, shall be incorporated in the patient's medical record.
(d) The medical record shall also include diagnoses, the findings and results of pathologic or clinical laboratory examination, radiology examination, medical and surgical treatment and other diagnostic, corrective or therapeutic procedures.
(e) A patient's medical record shall be retained by a physician for at least 7 years from the date of the last medical service for which a medical record entry is required. The medical record for a minor patient shall be retained until 1 year after the minor patient reaches majority, even if this means that the physician retains the record for a period of more than 7 years.
(f) The components of a patient's medical record, which are prepared by a physician or his agent and which are retained by a health care facility regulated by the Federal government, or by the Department of Health or the Department of Public Welfare are considered to be a part of the patient's medical record which is required to be maintained by a physician, but are otherwise exempt from the requirements in subsections (a)-(e). These components of a patient's medical record shall contain information required by applicable Federal regulations, or by 28 Pa. Code (relating to health and safety) or 55 Pa. Code (relating to public welfare)-see for example, Department of Health regulations at 28 Pa. Code § § 115.31-115.34 (relating to policies and procedures for patient medical records)-and health care facility and medical staff bylaws.


49 Pa. Code § 16.95

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