Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0400-02-10-.03 - PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND DEVICES

(1) Commercial Operators shall require each customer to properly wear a Type V U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) of appropriate size, while on or in the river.
(2) Each personal flotation device must be inspected prior to each issuance. Personal flotation devices must be removed from service immediately and repaired or disposed of if:
(a) the PFD becomes water logged;
(b) the PFD is damaged such that it can no longer be worn or attached to the user as originally intended by the manufacturer; and/or
(c) the device is of such age or worn condition that the fabric, flotation material, webbing, fastening devices, etc., can no longer be reasonably expected to withstand the ordinary forces expected to be encountered in the normal course of customer usage on the river.
(3) Commercial Operators shall require all passengers and guides, in inflatable rafts, kayaks or canoes, to wear an appropriate helmet in addition to an approved personal flotation device, while on or in the river.
(4) All equipment including rafts, PFD's, paddles, shall be subject to inspection by any authorized representative of the Division at any reasonable time, including but not limited to times when the equipment is in use on or about the river and equipment deemed to be in an unsafe condition by the above representative must be immediately repaired or removed from service.
(5) One (1) or more buoyant heaving line, 3/8'' diameter and at least fifty (50) feet in length shall be carried on each trip.
(6) The Commercial Operator shall provide one (1) waterproof First Aid Kit for each trip of eight (8) craft or less, two (2) First Aid Kits for each trip of more than eight (8) craft. Each kit shall contain at least the following items:
(a) Semi-rigid or rigid splints for immobilization of fractures
(b) Emergency space blanket, shock blanket or equivalent
(c) Triangular bandages
(d) Ace bandages
(e) Quick cold packs
(f) Gauze compresses at least 2 x 2 or larger
(g) Roller gauze 2''- up
(h) Box of Band-aids 3/4''- up
(i) Butterfly band-aid
(j) Safety Pins
(k) Sting Swaps
(l) Adhesive Tape
(m) Antiseptic solution for cleaning, or moist sterile towelettes
(n) Scissors
(o) Tweezers
(p) Tongue Depressors (Finger splints)
(q) Knife
(r) Sun Screen
(s) Sanitary Napkins (for compress)
(t) Eye Patches
(u) Tie strips for splints
(v) Pad for splints
(w) Gloves
(x) Biohazard Bag
(y) CPR Mask
(7) Passengers on trips shall be at least twelve (12) years of age.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 0400-02-10-.03
Original rule filed February 25, 1988; effective April 10, 1988. Amendment filed May 12, 1988; effective August 29, 1988. Amendment filed June 14, 2010; effective September 12, 2010.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 4-3-504, 4-5-301 et seq., 11-1-108 and 11-1-109.

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