Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-01-17-.01 - GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR COMMERCIAL USE

(1) Definitions
(a) Native wildlife is defined as those species which occur naturally in the wild within the geographic boundaries of Tennessee, and whose presence is the result of those species' natural biology, or approved stocking by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission.
(b) Non-native wildlife is defined as those species not classified as native.
(2) Endangered and Threatened Species. The commercial use of any State or Federally endangered species is prohibited. The commercial use of State and Federally threatened species and those species deemed in need of management are permitted only when such species are legally taken for the purpose of sale in the State of origin as provided in T.C.A. § 70-8-109.
(3) Finished Products and Parts, Other Than Meat, That May Be Bought and Sold
(a) Finished products and parts of non-native species legally obtained in the State of origin. No parts of black bear (Ursus americanus) taken in Tennessee may be bought or sold. Individuals may obtain legally possessed bear parts from other States, which allow the sale of such parts, through mail order purchases or direct purchases which take place outside the boundaries of Tennessee. Any individual possessing parts of bear provided for in this exception must maintain records of legal purchase. No bear parts, including meat, possessed under this exception may be resold within the boundaries of Tennessee.
(b) Finished products and parts of legally taken white-tailed deer and wild turkey except meat and antlers in velvet.
(c) Non-edible finished products of commercially raised native species.
(d) Finished products of reptiles (native and non-native) that are legally acquired.
(e) Finished products and parts of native wildlife as provided by statute.
(f) The finished products and parts of legally taken furbearers (native and non-native)
(4) Meat and Meat Products That May Be Bought and Sold
(a) The meat of non-native wildlife (except fish) that are commercially raised. Records must be maintained by buyer showing species, origin of shipment, and processor.
(b) The meat of legally obtained non-native fish, reptiles, mollusks, commercially raised striped bass (Morone saxatilis) X white bass (Morone chrysops) hybrid, and commercially raised trout.
(c) The meat of native wildlife (except fish) as provided by statute or proclamation. The sale of the carcass of groundhog is permitted.
(d) The meat of native fish and turtle species may be bought or sold as provided by statute or proclamation.
(e) The meat of legally taken crustaceans (crayfish, lobster, etc.).
(f) The meat and meat products of legally taken furbearers (native or non-native).
(5) Live Species That May Be Bought and Sold .
(a) Legally obtained live crustaceans (crayfish, lobster, etc.) for food.
(b) Legally imported and/or propagated amphibians for purposes other than bait.
(c) Legally obtained live native and non-native species may be bought and sold as provided by statute, regulation or proclamation.
(6) Hides of Legally Taken Native Rabbits
(a) Finished or green hides of native rabbits may be bought or sold.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-01-17-.01
Original rule filed June 27, 1984; effective July 27, 1984. Amendment filed February 26, 1987; effective April 12, 1987. Amendment filed August 26, 1989; effective October 9, 1989. Amendment filed August 9, 1993; effective October 23, 1993. Amendment filed February 3, 1995; effective April 19, 1995. Amendment filed March 31, 2000; effective June 14, 2000. Amendment filed October 2, 2000; effective December 16, 2000. Amendment filed February 18, 2003; effective May 4, 2003. Amendment filed January 5, 2009; effective March 21, 2009. Amendment filed February 11, 2011; effective May 12, 2011.

Authority: T.C.A. §§ 70-1-206, 70-4-107, and 70-4-201.

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