Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-02-07-.11 - SPECIAL AREAS

(1) All motorboats being operated within 300 feet of a commercial dock or marina shall be operated at a "slow, no-wake speed" unless otherwise marked and approved under Rule 1660-02-06-.01, or a specific rule and regulation.
(a) The measurement shall be made from the last structure associated with the dock or marina except as noted above.
(b) For this rule, a commercial marina is defined as any permanent facility accessible by boat which:
1. Offers goods or services to the general public in exchange for currency or other consideration,
2. Has a valid business license, if required, and a Tennessee Tax Identification number,
3. Is permitted by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, and the Tennessee Valley Authority if applicable, as a commercial boat dock or marina.
(2) No person shall operate or use any vessel, within the area designated and appropriately marked as a hazardous area, below any dam and/or lock unless each person aboard is wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable flotation device in accordance with the approval label.
(a) This regulation is not intended to affect regulations promulgated by other governmental agencies, federal or state, related to activities that may or may not be conducted within said hazardous area.
(3) Vessels being operated within 300 yards of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency access ramp on Indian Creek will be operated at a "Slow-No Wake" speed.
(4) Vessels being operated on Deer Creek located at River Mile 125 on Kentucky Lake shall operate at a "Slow-No Wake" speed within the embayment area.
(5) Water skiing is prohibited on Great Falls Reservoir in the Rock River Embayment from its mouth upstream to Blanks Bridge.
(6) Vessels being operated on Crooked Creek located at River Mile 121.5 on Kentucky Lake shall operate at a "Slow-No Wake" speed from the mouth of the Tennessee River to the Crooked Creek embayment.
(7) Vessels being operated within the buoyed area in Eagle Creek located at river mile 1 on the Big Sandy River, from a point east of Big Eagle picnic area, west to the west boundary of Buchanan's boat dock, shall operate at a "Slow-No Wake" speed.
(8) Vessels on Reelfoot Lake are prohibited from the Highway 21 Bridge, in Lake County, south to the new Reelfoot Lake spillway, as marked by signs.


Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1660-02-07-.11
Original rule certified May 8, 1974. Amendment filed November 20, 1975; effective December 20, 1975. Amendment filed November 4, 1976; effective December 4, 1976. Amendment filed June 8, 1977; effective July 8, 1977. Amendment filed February 6, 1978; effective March 8, 1978. Amendment filed April 20, 1988; effective June 4, 1988. Amendment filed June 8, 1989; effective July 23, 1989. Amendment filed October 4, 1989; effective November 18, 1989. Amendment filed January 28, 2002; effective April 13, 2002. Amendment filed April 26, 2004; effective July 10, 2004. Amendment filed April 26, 2013; effective July 25, 2013. Amendment filed March 16, 2017; effective June 14, 2017. Amendments filed October 1, 2018; effective 12/30/2018.

Authority: T.C.A. ยงยง 69-9-209 and 70-1-206.

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