Utah Admin. Code R151-4-102 - Definitions

In addition to the definitions in Title 63G, Chapter 4, Administrative Procedures Act, as used in this rule:

(1) "Agency head" means the executive director of the department or the director of a division.
(2) "Applicant" means a person who submits an application.
(3) "Application" means a request for:
(a) licensure;
(b) certification;
(c) registration;
(d) permit; or
(e) other right or authority granted by the department.
(4) "Department" means:
(a) the Utah Department of Commerce; or
(b) a division of the department.
(5) "Division" means a division of the department.
(6) "Electronic" means a:
(a) facsimile transmission; or
(b) PDF file attached to an email.
(7) "Intervenor" means a person permitted to intervene in an adjudicative proceeding before the department.
(8) "Motion" means a request for any action or relief in an adjudicative proceeding.
(a) "Party in interest" means:
(i) a party;
(ii) a relative of a party; or
(iii) an individual with a financial interest in the outcome of the proceeding; and
(b) does not include:
(i) a party's counsel; or
(ii) an employee of a party's counsel.
(10) "Petition" means the charging document setting forth:
(a) statement of jurisdiction;
(b) statement of one or more allegations;
(c) statement of legal authority; and
(d) request for relief.
(11) "Pleading" means the following:
(a) a notice of agency action or request for agency action;
(b) a request for agency review or agency reconsideration; and
(c) a response or reply submitted to a pleading.


Utah Admin. Code R151-4-102
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2021-02, effective 1/8/2021 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-18, effective 9/7/2022

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