Utah Admin. Code R317-15-4 - Application Provisions

Current through Bulletin No. 2021-18, September 15, 2021

4.1. Unless otherwise determined by the director, the application for Certification shall include the following complete information and documentation:
A. application date;
B. name and address of the applicant;
C. signature of the applicant. A corporate application must be signed by an officer of the corporation. Any signature required for application for Certification shall be provided as described in 40 CFR Section 122.22(a);
D. name, address, email address and phone number of a contact for the application, e.g., the person to whom requests for additional information should be addressed;
E. list of names and address of landowners adjacent to the project site;
F. plan or drawings that include a plan view, cross section view, and elevation view;
G. associated existing or pending federal, state, and local permits, including land use permits, with corresponding file numbers;
H. for proposed discharges:
1. name(s) of the waters where the discharge may occur;
2. precise latitude and longitude of the discharge location(s) to 5th decimal place in decimal degrees and to the tenth of a degree in degrees-minutes-seconds notation;
3. beneficial use classifications of potentially affected surface waters (see Section R317-2-13 ); and
4. list any known causes of water impairment per Sections 303(d) and 314 of the federal Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. Sections 1251 through 1387 and the names of any associated local watershed management plans including TMDL studies;
I. a description of the overall project including the construction and operation of the facilities which may result in discharge. Characterize the physical, chemical, biological, thermal and other pertinent properties of the discharge;
J. a description on how the discharges are compliant with water quality standards of the receiving water including anti-degradation requirements, beneficial use designations, narrative standards and numeric criteria;
K. a description of the methods and means being used or proposed to monitor the quality and characteristics of the discharge and the operation of the equipment or facilities employed in control of the proposed discharge. Provide a map showing the location(s) of the monitoring point(s);
L. supporting documentation submitted to federal agencies (e.g., maps, plans, specifications, project dimensions, copies of associated federal applications, biological and engineering studies, reference information in FERC filings, Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statements, Alternative Analyses), as applicable;
M. an exhibit that identifies and describes other requirements of State law applicable to the activity that have any relationship to water quality, including requirements under:
1. Section 19-5-114, spills or discharges of oil or other substance;
2. Section R317-2-12, Category 1 and Category 2 waters;
3. Section R317-2-3 Antidegradation Policy (ADR);
4. Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) Storm Water General Permit for Construction Activities Permit No. UTR300000; and
5. UPDES General Permit for Construction Dewatering Permit No. UTG070000.
N. estimated dates on which the activity will begin and end and the date or dates on which the discharge(s) will take place;
O. additional information regarding any unique features of the project;
P. any additional information as required by the director.
4.2. If any information required by 4.1 is expected to be developed in the course of the federal application process, the applicant shall include a statement to that effect, and shall provide the information when it is submitted to the federal permitting or licensing agency.
4.3. The director may prescribe a form for application for a Certification.
4.4. If an application for Certification is incomplete or is otherwise deficient, the applicant will be notified and will be given a deadline for the submittal of such information. If the information is not submitted timely and is necessary for reaching a Certification decision, the Certification process will be suspended pending the development of additional information.
4.5. The owner or its duly authorized representative shall notify the director in writing of changes which may affect the application for Certification and Certification process.
4.6. The applicant shall pay any applicable application fees to the "Utah Division of Water Quality." Contact the Division for further information about the application fee. The application fee is not refundable or transferable to a separate application.
4.7. An application for Certification shall be made simultaneously with the application to the federal licensing or permit agency. If application is not made in accordance with this requirement, there may be delays and additional fees to allow the collection and consideration of all pertinent information.


Utah Admin. Code R317-15-4

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