Utah Admin. Code R590-130-12 - Identity of Insurer

Current through Bulletin 2022-07, April 1, 2022

A. The name of the actual insurer shall be stated in all advertisements. The form number or numbers of the policy advertised shall be stated in an advertisement which is an invitation to contract. An advertisement may not use a trade name, any insurance group designation, name of a parent company of the insurer, name of a particular division of the insurer, service mark, slogan, symbol or other device without disclosing the name of the actual insurer if the advertisement would be misleading or deceiving as to the true identity of the insurer.
B. No advertisement may use any combination of words, symbols, or physical materials which by their content, phraseology, shape, color or other characteristics are so similar to combination of words, symbols or physical materials used by agencies of the federal government or of any state, or otherwise appear to be of such a nature that it would confuse or mislead prospective insureds into believing that the solicitation is in some manner connected with an agency of any municipal, state or federal government.
C. Advertisements, envelopes or stationery which employ words, letters, initials, symbols or other devices that are so similar to those used in governmental agencies or by other insurers are not permitted if they may lead the public to believe:
(1) that the advertised coverages are somehow provided by or are endorsed by a governmental agency or such other insurers.
(2) that the advertiser is the same as, is connected with, or is endorsed by a governmental agency or such other insurers.
D. No advertisement may use the name of a state or political subdivision thereof in a policy name or description, unless the company name contains the same state or political subdivision name.
E. No advertisement in the form of envelopes or stationery of any kind may use any name, service mark, slogan, symbol or any device in such a manner that implies that the insurer or the policy advertised, or any producer who may call upon the consumer in response to the advertisement is connected with a governmental agency, such as the Social Security Administration.
F. No advertisement may incorporate the word "Medicare" in the title of the plan or policy being advertised unless, where ever it appears, said word is qualified by language differentiating it from Medicare. Such an advertisement, however, may not use the phrase "( ) Medicare Department of the ( ) Insurance Company," or language of similar import.
G. No advertisement may imply that the reader may lose a right or privilege or benefit under federal, state or local law if he fails to respond to the advertisement.
H. The use of letters, initials, or symbols of the corporate name or trademark that would have the tendency or capacity to mislead or deceive the public as to the true identity of the insurer is prohibited unless the true, correct and complete name of the insurer is in close conjunction and in the same size type as the letters initials or symbols of the corporate name or trademark.
I. The use of the name of an agency or "( ) Underwriters" or "( ) Plan" in type, size and location so as to mislead or deceive as to the true identity of the insurer or advertiser is prohibited.
J. The use of an address that is misleading or deceiving as to the true identity of the insurer or advertiser, its location or licensing status is prohibited.
K. No insurer or advertiser may use, in the trade name of its insurance policy, any terminology or words so similar to the name of a governmental agency or governmental program that will confuse, deceive or mislead the prospective purchaser regarding governmental sponsorship, endorsement, or connection with the insurance policy or the insurer.


Utah Admin. Code R590-130-12

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