Utah Admin. Code R590-190-13 - Standards for Prompt, Fair, and Equitable Settlement for Fire and Extended Coverage Type Policies with Replacement Cost Coverage

(a) If a policy provides for the adjustment and settlement of first party losses based on replacement cost, the following apply:
(i) if a loss requires repair or replacement of an item or part, any significant physical damage incurred in making such repair or replacement not otherwise excluded by the policy shall be included in the loss; and
(ii) if a loss requires repair or replacement of items and the repaired or replaced items do not match in color, texture, or size, the insurer shall repair or replace items to conform to a reasonably uniform appearance for both interior and exterior losses.
(b) For a settlement described in Subsection (1)(a), an insured is only responsible for the applicable deductible.
(i) If a policy provides for an adjustment and settlement of loss on an actual cash value basis on residential fire and extended coverage, an insurer shall determine actual cash value as the replacement cost of property at the time of the loss less depreciation, if any.
(ii) Upon an insured's request, an insurer shall provide a copy of any relevant documentation from the claim file detailing each deduction for depreciation.
(i) If an insured's interest is limited because the property has nominal or no economic value, or a value disproportionate to replacement cost less depreciation, the determination of actual cash value is not required.
(ii) In a case described in Subsection (2)(b)(i), an insurer shall provide, upon the insured's request, a written explanation of the basis for limiting the amount of recovery along with the amount payable under the policy.


Utah Admin. Code R590-190-13
Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2024-03, effective 1/24/2024

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