Utah Admin. Code R590-196-4 - Premium and Fee Standards

(1) Initial bail bond premium and fees.
(a) Bail bond premium amounts:
(i) the minimum premium charged may not be less than 10% of the bail bond amount;
(ii) the maximum premium charged may not exceed 20% of the bail bond amount.
(b) A document preparation fee may not exceed $20 per set of forms relating to a bail bond.
(c) A credit card fee may not exceed 5% of the amount charged to a credit card.
(2) Additional fees.
(a) Fees are limited to actual and reasonable expenses incurred by a surety insurer or a bail bond agency when:
(i) the defendant fails to appear before the court at a designated date and time;
(ii) the defendant fails to comply with a court order; or
(iii) the defendant or the co-signer fails to comply with the terms of a bail bond agreement or a promissory note relating to that agreement.
(b) Reasonable mileage expense fees are allowed pursuant to the Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rates for a business.
(c) Reasonable apprehension expenses such as meals, lodging, commercial travel, and communication , regardless of whether the defendant is apprehended, are limited to actual expenses incurred and must be reasonable, for example, meals at mid-range restaurants, lodging at mid-range hotels, commercial travel in coach class, etc.
(d) Collateral expense fees are allowed for:
(i) actual expenses to obtain collateral; and
(ii) storage expenses, if in a secured storage area, limited to actual expenses.
(e) A late payment fee of $20 or 5% of the delinquent periodic payment, whichever is less, is allowed.
(f) If a fee is charged by a court or a jail to process a bail bond, the actual fee charged may be passed through to the defendant or the co-signer.


Utah Admin. Code R590-196-4
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-12, effective 6/7/2022

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