Utah Admin. Code R590-220-11 - Additional Procedures for Medicare Supplement Filings

A filer submitting Medicare supplement filings is advised to review Section 31A-22-620 and Rule R590-146.

(1) A Medicare supplement form filing that affects rates must be filed with all required rating documentation.
(a) A licensee must file its Medicare Supplement Buyers Guide.
(b) If previously filed, indicate the Utah Filed Date or SERFF tracking number in the filing description.
(3) Rates.
(a) Rates and rate documentation submitted with a new form filing are a File and Use filing.
(b) A rate revision filing is a File for Acceptance filing.
(c) Medicare supplement rates must comply with Section 31A-22-602, and Rules R590-146 and R590-85.
(d) A licensee shall not use or change premium rates for a Medicare supplement policy or certificate unless the rates, rating schedule and supporting documentation have been filed.
(e) A rate revision request may not be used to satisfy the annual filing requirements of Subsection R590-146-14.C.
(4) Annual Medicare Supplement Reports.
(a) Reports are due May 31 each year.
(b) Report of Multiple Policies.
(i) As required by Section R590-146-22, an issuer of Medicare supplement policies shall annually submit a report of multiple policies the licensee has issued to a single insured.
(ii) The report is required each year listing each insured with multiple policies or must state "NO MULTIPLE POLICIES WERE ISSUED."
(c) Annual Filing of Rates and Supporting Documentation.
(i) An issuer of Medicare supplement policies and certificates shall file annually its rates, rating schedule and supporting documentation, including ratios of incurred losses to earned premiums by policy duration, in accordance with Subsection R590-146-14.C.
(ii) The NAIC Medicare Supplement Insurance Model Regulations Manual details what should be included in the annual rate filing.
(iii) Annual reports submitted with a request or any type of reference to a rate revision will be rejected.
(d) Refund Calculation and Benchmark Ratio. An issuer shall file the Medicare Supplement Refund Calculation Form and Reporting Form for the Calculation of Benchmark Ratio Since Inception for Group Policies reports according to Subsection R590-146-14.B.
(e) Reports for Pre-Standardized Medicare supplement benefit plans and 1990 Standardized Medicare supplement benefit plans must be submitted together as one filing using a type of insurance of "MS06," and a filing type of "Report."
(f) Reports for 2010 Standardized Medicare supplement benefit plans must be submitted together as one filing with SERFF using a type of insurance of "MS09," and a filing type of "Report."
(g) If all Medicare supplement reports are not submitted together as one filing, the filing is considered incomplete and will be rejected.


Utah Admin. Code R590-220-11
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2015-20, effective 9/23/2015

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