Utah Admin. Code R590-227-6 - Procedures for Filings

Current through Bulletin No. 2021-18, September 15, 2021

(1) Forms in General.
(a) Forms are "File and Use" filings.
(b) Each form must be identified by a unique form number. The form number may not be variable.
(c) Forms must contain a descriptive title on the cover page.
(d) Forms must be in final printed form or printer's proof format. Drafts may not be submitted.
(e) Blank spaces within the form must be completed in John Doe fashion to accurately represent the intended market, purpose, and use.
(i) If the market intended is for the senior age market, the form must be completed with data representative of senior annuitants.
(ii) All John Doe data in the forms including the data page must be accurate and consistent with the actuarial memorandum, the application, and any marketing materials, as applicable.
(2) Application Filing.
(a) Each application or enrollment form may be submitted as a separate filing or may be filed with its related policy or certificate filing.
(b) If an application has been previously filed or is filed separately, an informational copy of the application must be included with the policy or certificate filing.
(3) Contract Filing.
(a) Each type of annuity must be filed separately.
(b) A contract filing consists of one contract form, including its related forms, such as an application, data page, rider or endorsement, and actuarial memorandum.
(c) A contract data page must be included with every contract filing.
(d) Only one contract form for a single type of insurance may be filed.
(e) A contract data page that changes the basic feature of the contract may not be filed without including the entire contract form in the filing.
(4) Rider or Endorsement Filings.
(a) Related riders or endorsements may be filed together.
(b) A single rider or endorsement that affects multiple forms may be filed if the Filing Description references all affected forms.
(c) A rider or endorsement that is based on morbidity risks such as critical illness or long-term care, is considered accident and health insurance and must be filed in accordance with Rule R590-220, "Accident and Health Insurance Filings".
(d) The filing must include:
(i) a listing of all base contract form numbers, title and Utah Filed Dates; and
(ii) a description of how each filed rider or endorsement affects the base contract.
(iii) a sample data page with data for the submitted form.
(e) Unrelated endorsements may not be filed together.


Utah Admin. Code R590-227-6

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