Utah Admin. Code R590-233-5 - General Requirements

(1) Policy definitions. No policy subject to this rule may contain definitions respecting the matters defined in Section R590-233-3 unless such definitions comply with the requirements of that section.
(2) Rights of spouse. The following provisions apply to policies that provide coverage to a spouse of the insured:
(a) A policy may not provide for termination of coverage of the spouse solely because of the occurrence of an event specified for termination of coverage of the insured, other than for nonpayment of premium.
(b) A policy shall provide that in the event of the insured's death the spouse of the insured shall become the insured.
(3) Cancellation, Renewability, and Termination. Policy cancellation, renewability and termination provisions must comply with Sections 31A-8-402.3, 31A-8-402.5, 31A-8-402.7, 31A-22-721 and 31A-30-107, 107.1 and 107.3.
(4) Termination of the policy shall be without prejudice to a continuous loss that commenced while the policy or certificate was in force. The continuous total disability of the insured may be a condition for the extension of benefits beyond the period the policy was in force, limited to the duration of the benefit period, if any, or payment of the maximum benefits.
(5) Military service. If a policy contains a status-type military service exclusion or a provision that suspends coverage during military service, the policy shall provide, upon receipt of written request, for refund of premiums as applicable to the person on a pro rata basis.
(6) Pregnancy benefit extension. In the event the insurer cancels or refuses to renew a policy providing pregnancy benefits, the policy shall provide an extension of benefits for a pregnancy commencing while the policy is in force and for which benefits would have been payable had the policy remained in force. This requirement does not apply to a policy that is canceled for the following reasons:
(a) the insured fails to pay the required premiums in accordance with the terms of the plan; or
(b) the insured person performs an act or practice that constitutes fraud in connection with the coverage or makes an intentional misrepresentation of material fact under the terms of the coverage.
(7) Transplant donor coverage. A policy providing coverage for the recipient in a transplant operation shall also provide reimbursement of any medical expenses of a live donor to the extent that benefits remain and are available under the recipient's policy or certificate, after benefits for the recipient's own expenses have been paid.
(8) Notice of premium change. A notice of change in premium shall be given no fewer than 45 days before the renewal date.


Utah Admin. Code R590-233-5

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