Title R23 - Facilities Construction and Management

  1. Rule R23-1 - Procurement Rules with Numbering Related to the Procurement Code (§ R23-1-1 to R23-1-2407)
  2. Rule R23-2 - Procurement of Architect-Engineer Services (§ R23-2-1 to R23-2-21)
  3. Rule R23-3 - Planning, Programming, Request for Capital Development Projects and Operation and Maintenance Reporting for State Owned Facilities (§ R23-3-1 to R23-3-12)
  4. Rule R23-4 - Suspension/Debarment (§ R23-4-1 to R23-4-4)
  5. Rule R23-5 - Contingency Funds (§ R23-5-1 to R23-5-10)
  6. Rule R23-6 - Value Engineering and Life Cycle Costing of State Owned Facilities Rules and Regulations (§ R23-6-1 to R23-6-8)
  7. Rule R23-7 - State Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing (§ R23-7-1 to R23-7-6)
  8. Rule R23-9 - Cooperation with Local Government Planning (§ R23-9-1 to R23-9-5)
  9. Rule R23-10 - Naming of State Buildings (§ R23-10-1 to R23-10-5)
  10. Rule R23-12 - Building Code Appeals Process (§ R23-12-1 to R23-12-12)
  11. Rule R23-13 - State of Utah Parking Rules for Facilities Managed by the Division of Facilities Construction and Management (§ R23-13-1 to R23-13-8)
  12. Rule R23-14 - Management of Roofs on State Buildings (§ R23-14-1 to R23-14-5)
  13. Rule R23-19 - Facility Use Rules (§ R23-19-1 to R23-19-8)
  14. Rule R23-20 - Free Speech Activities (§ R23-20-1 to R23-20-7)
  15. Rule R23-21 - Division of Facilities Construction and Management Lease Procedures (§ R23-21-1 to R23-21-5)
  16. Rule R23-22 - General Procedures for Acquisition and Selling of Real Property (§ R23-22-1 to R23-22-9)
  17. Rule R23-23 - Health Reform - Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts - Implementation (§ R23-23-1 to R23-23-8)
  18. Rule R23-24 - Capital Projects Utilizing Non-Appropriated Funds (§ R23-24-1 to R23-24-4)
  19. Rule R23-25 - Administrative Rules Adjudicative Proceedings (§ R23-25-1 to R23-25-11)
  20. Rule R23-26 - Dispute Resolution (§ R23-26-1 to R23-26-13)
  21. Rule R23-29 - Delegation of Project Management (§ R23-29-1 to R23-29-24)
  22. Rule R23-30 - State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund (§ R23-30-1 to R23-30-8)
  23. Rule R23-31 - Executive Residence Commission (§ R23-31-1 to R23-31-7)
  24. Rule R23-32 - Rules of Procedure for Conduct of Utah State Building Board Meetings (§ R23-32-1 to R23-32-17)
  25. Rule R23-33 - [Repealed] (§ R23-33-1 to R23-33-9)

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