TITLE R277 - Administration (R277-99-1 to R277-929-4)

  1. RULE R277-99 - Definitions for Utah State Board of Education (Board) Rules (R277-99-1 to R277-99-2)
  2. RULE R277-100 - Definitions for Utah State Board of Education (Board) Rules (R277-100-1 to R277-100-7)
  3. RULE R277-101 - Public Participation in Utah State Board of Education Meetings (R277-101-1 to R277-101-5)
  4. RULE R277-102 - Adjudicative Proceedings (R277-102-1 to R277-102-4)
  5. RULE R277-103 - USOE Government Records and Management Act (Repealed) (R277-103-1 to R277-103-7)
  6. RULE R277-104 - ADA Complaint Procedure (R277-104-1 to R277-104-8)
  7. RULE R277-105 - Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in the Schools (Repealed) (R277-105-1 to R277-105-9)
  8. RULE R277-106 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Appointment Process (R277-106-1 to R277-106-6)
  9. RULE R277-107 - Educational Services Outside of Educator's Regular Employment (R277-107-1 to R277-107-7)
  10. RULE R277-108 - Annual Assurance of Compliance by Local School Boards (R277-108-1 to R277-108-8)
  11. RULE R277-109 - Legislative Reporting and Accountability (R277-109-1 to R277-109-3)
  12. RULE R277-110 - Legislative Supplemental Salary Adjustment (R277-110-1 to R277-110-4)
  13. RULE R277-111 - Sharing of Curriculum Materials by Public School Educators (Repealed) (R277-111-1 to R277-111-4)
  14. RULE R277-112 - Prohibiting Discrimination in the Public Schools (Repealed) (R277-112-1 to R277-112-3)
  15. RULE R277-113 - LEA Fiscal and Auditing Policies (R277-113-1 to R277-113-10)
  16. RULE R277-114 - Corrective Action and Withdrawal or Reduction of Program Funds (R277-114-1 to R277-114-5)
  17. RULE R277-115 - LEA Supervision and Monitoring Requirements of Third Party Providers and Contracts (R277-115-1 to R277-115-4)
  18. RULE R277-116 - Audit Procedure (R277-116-1 to R277-116-8)
  19. RULE R277-117 - Utah State Board of Education Protected Documents (Repealed) (R277-117-1 to R277-117-4)
  20. RULE R277-118 - LEA Post-employment Benefits Plans (Repealed) (R277-118-1 to R277-118-4)
  21. RULE R277-119 - Discretionary Funds (Repealed) (R277-119-1 to R277-119-3)
  22. RULE R277-120 - Licensing of Material Developed with Public Education Funds (R277-120-1 to R277-120-5)
  23. RULE R277-121 - Board Waiver of Administrative Rules (R277-121-1 to R277-121-5)
  24. RULE R277-122 - Board of Education Procurement (R277-122-1 to R277-122-14)
  25. RULE R277-200 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Definitions (Repealed) (R277-200-1 to R277-200-2)
  26. RULE R277-201 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Rules of Procedure: Notification to Educators, Complaints and Final Disciplinary Actions (Repealed) (R277-201-1 to R277-201-8)
  27. RULE R277-202 - UPPAC Hearing Procedures and Reports (Repealed) (R277-202-1 to R277-202-14)
  28. RULE R277-203 - Request for Licensure Reinstatement and Reinstatement Procedures (Repealed) (R277-203-1 to R277-203-6)
  29. RULE R277-204 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Criminal Background Review (Repealed) (R277-204-1 to R277-204-2)
  30. RULE R277-205 - Alcohol Related Offenses (Repealed) (R277-205-1 to R277-205-3)
  31. RULE R277-206 - Drug Related Offenses (Repealed) (R277-206-1 to R277-206-3)
  32. RULE R277-207 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Disciplinary Rebuttable Presumptions (Repealed) (R277-207-1 to R277-207-2)
  33. RULE R277-210 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Definitions (R277-210-1 to R277-210-2)
  34. RULE R277-211 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Rules of Procedure: Notification to Educators, Complaints and Final Disciplinary Actions (R277-211-1 to R277-211-9)
  35. RULE R277-212 - UPPAC Hearing Procedures and Reports (R277-212-1 to R277-212-16)
  36. RULE R277-213 - Request for Licensure Reinstatement and Reinstatement Procedures (R277-213-1 to R277-213-6)
  37. RULE R277-214 - Criminal Background Review (R277-214-1 to R277-214-3)
  38. RULE R277-215 - Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC), Disciplinary Rebuttable Presumptions (R277-215-1 to R277-215-4)
  39. RULE R277-216 - Surrender of License with UPPAC Investigation Pending (R277-216-1 to R277-216-4)
  40. RULE R277-217 - Educator Standards and LEA Reporting (R277-217-1 to R277-217-5)
  41. RULE R277-301 - Educator Licensing (R277-301-1 to R277-301-10)
  42. RULE R277-302 - Educator Licensing Renewal (R277-302-1 to R277-302-8)
  43. RULE R277-303 - Educator Preparation Programs (R277-303-1 to R277-303-5)
  44. RULE R277-304 - Teacher Preparation Programs (R277-304-1 to R277-304-9)
  45. RULE R277-305 - School Leadership License Areas of Concentration and Programs (R277-305-1 to R277-305-5)
  46. RULE R277-306 - Educator Preparation Programs for School Psychologists, Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Speech-Language Technicians, Counselors, and School Social Workers (R277-306-1 to R277-306-7)
  47. RULE R277-308 - New Educator Induction and Mentoring (R277-308-1 to R277-308-4)
  48. RULE R277-309 - Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers (R277-309-1 to R277-309-6)
  49. RULE R277-310 - International Guest Teachers (R277-310-1 to R277-310-5)
  50. RULE R277-311 - Specialized Endorsements (R277-311-1 to R277-311-4)
  51. RULE R277-316 - Professional Standards and Training for Non-licensed Employees and Volunteers (R277-316-1 to R277-316-6)
  52. RULE R277-317 - Incentives for National Board Certification (R277-317-1 to R277-317-4)
  53. RULE R277-318 - Teacher Salary Supplement Program (R277-318-1 to R277-318-3)
  54. RULE R277-319 - Special Educator Stipends (R277-319-1 to R277-319-5)
  55. RULE R277-322 - LEA Codes of Conduct (R277-322-1 to R277-322-3)
  56. RULE R277-324 - Paraprofessional/Paraeducator Programs, Assignments, and Qualifications (R277-324-1 to R277-324-8)
  57. RULE R277-325 - Public Education Exit and Engagement Surveys (R277-325-1 to R277-325-4)
  58. RULE R277-326 - Early Learning Professional Learning Grant Program (R277-326-1 to R277-326-4)
  59. RULE R277-327 - School Leadership Development Grant (R277-327-1 to R277-327-5)
  60. RULE R277-400 - School Facility Emergency and Safety (R277-400-1 to R277-400-12)
  61. RULE R277-401 - Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by Education Personnel (R277-401-1 to R277-401-3)
  62. RULE R277-402 - School Readiness Initiative (Repealed) (R277-402-1 to R277-402-4)
  63. RULE R277-403 - School Safety Pilot Program (R277-403-1 to R277-403-5)
  64. RULE R277-404 - Requirements for Assessments of Student Achievement (R277-404-1 to R277-404-9)
  65. RULE R277-406 - Early Literacy Program and Benchmark Assessment (R277-406-1 to R277-406-5)
  66. RULE R277-407 - School Fees (R277-407-1 to R277-407-17)
  67. RULE R277-408 - Grants for Online Testing (Repealed) (R277-408-1 to R277-408-6)
  68. RULE R277-409 - Public School Membership in Associations (R277-409-1 to R277-409-3)
  69. RULE R277-410 - Accreditation of Schools (R277-410-1 to R277-410-9)
  70. RULE R277-411 - School District Sponsored School Seminars on Youth Protection-Related Issues (Repealed) (R277-411-1 to R277-411-4)
  71. RULE R277-412 - State Capitol Visit Program (R277-412-1 to R277-412-4)
  72. RULE R277-415 - School Nurses Matching Funds (R277-415-1 to R277-415-3)
  73. RULE R277-417 - Prohibiting LEAs and Third Party Providers from Offering Incentives or Disbursement for Enrollment or Participation (R277-417-1 to R277-417-4)
  74. RULE R277-418 - [Repealed] (R277-418-1 to R277-418-3)
  75. RULE R277-419 - Pupil Accounting (R277-419-1 to R277-419-15)
  76. RULE R277-420 - Aiding Financially Distressed School Districts (R277-420-1 to R277-420-4)
  77. RULE R277-421 - Out-of-State Tuition Reimbursement (R277-421-1 to R277-421-5)
  78. RULE R277-422 - State Supported Voted Local Levy, Board Local Levy and Reading Improvement Program (R277-422-1 to R277-422-4)
  79. RULE R277-423 - Delivery of Flow Through Money (Repealed) (R277-423-1 to R277-423-4)
  80. RULE R277-424 - Indirect Costs for State Programs (R277-424-1 to R277-424-3)
  81. RULE R277-425 - Budgeting, Accounting, and Auditing for Utah Local Education Agencies (LEAs) (Repealed) (R277-425-1 to R277-425-4)
  82. RULE R277-426 - Definition of Private and Non-Profit Schools for Federal Program Services (R277-426-1 to R277-426-3)
  83. RULE R277-433 - Disposal of Textbooks in the Public Schools (R277-433-1 to R277-433-3)
  84. RULE R277-436 - Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the Schools (R277-436-1 to R277-436-5)
  85. RULE R277-437 - Open Enrollment (R277-437-1 to R277-437-5)
  86. RULE R277-438 - Dual Enrollment (R277-438-1 to R277-438-6)
  87. RULE R277-444 - Distribution of Money to Arts and Science Organizations (R277-444-1 to R277-444-10)
  88. RULE R277-445 - Classifying Small Schools as Necessarily Existent (R277-445-1 to R277-445-4)
  89. RULE R277-454 - Construction Management of School Building Projects (R277-454-1 to R277-454-3)
  90. RULE R277-459 - Teacher Supplies and Materials Appropriation (R277-459-1 to R277-459-4)
  91. RULE R277-460 - Distribution of Substance Abuse Prevention Account (R277-460-1 to R277-460-7)
  92. RULE R277-461 - Elementary School Counselor Grant Program (R277-461-1 to R277-461-5)
  93. RULE R277-462 - School Counseling Program (R277-462-1 to R277-462-8)
  94. RULE R277-463 - Class Size Average and Pupil-Teacher Ratio Reporting (R277-463-1 to R277-463-6)
  95. RULE R277-464 - School Counselor Direct and Indirect Services (R277-464-1 to R277-464-5)
  96. RULE R277-467 - Distribution of Funds Appropriated for Library Media Materials and Electronic Resources (Repealed) (R277-467-1 to R277-467-4)
  97. RULE R277-468 - Parent Review of Public Education Curriculum and Review of Complaint Process (R277-468-1 to R277-468-4)
  98. RULE R277-469 - Instructional Materials Commission Operating Procedures (R277-469-1 to R277-469-12)
  99. RULE R277-470 - Charter Schools - General Provisions (Repealed) (R277-470-1 to R277-470-9)
  100. RULE R277-471 - School Construction Oversight, Inspections, Training and Reporting (R277-471-1 to R277-471-14)
  101. RULE R277-472 - Charter School Student Enrollment and Transfers and School District Capacity Information (R277-472-1 to R277-472-7)
  102. RULE R277-473 - Utah Computer Science Grant (R277-473-1 to R277-473-10)
  103. RULE R277-474 - School Instruction and Human Sexuality (R277-474-1 to R277-474-7)
  104. RULE R277-475 - Patriotic, Civic and Character Education (R277-475-1 to R277-475-8)
  105. RULE R277-476 - Civics Engagement Pilot Program (R277-476-1 to R277-476-5)
  106. RULE R277-477 - Distributions of Funds from the Trust Distribution Account and Administration of the School LAND Trust Program (R277-477-1 to R277-477-9)
  107. RULE R277-478 - Block Grant Funding (Repealed) (R277-478-1 to R277-478-4)
  108. RULE R277-479 - Funding for Charter School Students With Disabilities on an IEP (R277-479-1 to R277-479-3)
  109. RULE R277-480 - Charter School Revolving Account (R277-480-1 to R277-480-5)
  110. RULE R277-481 - Charter School Oversight, Monitoring and Appeals (Repealed) (R277-481-1 to R277-481-8)
  111. RULE R277-482 - Charter School Timelines and Approval Processes (Repealed) (R277-482-1 to R277-482-8)
  112. RULE R277-483 - [Repealed] (R277-483-1 to R277-483-10)
  113. RULE R277-484 - Data Standards (R277-484-1 to R277-484-7)
  114. RULE R277-485 - Loss of Enrollment (R277-485-1 to R277-485-5)
  115. RULE R277-486 - Professional Staff Cost Program (R277-486-1 to R277-486-7)
  116. RULE R277-487 - Public School Data Confidentiality and Disclosure (R277-487-1 to R277-487-14)
  117. RULE R277-488 - Dual Language Immersion Program (R277-488-1 to R277-488-7)
  118. RULE R277-489 - Kindergarten Entry and Exit Assessment - Enhanced Kindergarten Program (R277-489-1 to R277-489-6)
  119. RULE R277-490 - Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) (R277-490-1 to R277-490-9)
  120. RULE R277-491 - School Community Councils (R277-491-1 to R277-491-9)
  121. RULE R277-492 - Math and Science Opportunities for Students and Teachers (MOST) Program (R277-492-1 to R277-492-6)
  122. RULE R277-493 - [Repealed] (R277-493-1 to R277-493-4)
  123. RULE R277-494 - Charter, Online, Home, and Private School Student Participation in Extracurricular or Co-curricular School Activities (R277-494-1 to R277-494-6)
  124. RULE R277-495 - Electronic Devices in Public Schools (R277-495-1 to R277-495-7)
  125. RULE R277-496 - K-3 Reading Software Licenses (R277-496-1 to R277-496-5)
  126. RULE R277-497 - School Accountability System (R277-497-1 to R277-497-8)
  127. RULE R277-498 - [Repealed] (R277-498-1 to R277-498-5)
  128. RULE R277-499 - Seal of Biliteracy (R277-499-1 to R277-499-3)
  129. RULE R277-500 - [Repealed] (R277-500-1 to R277-500-7)
  130. RULE R277-502 - Educator Licensing and Data Retention (R277-502-1 to R277-502-8)
  131. RULE R277-503 - Licensing Routes (R277-503-1 to R277-503-10)
  132. RULE R277-504 - [Repealed] (R277-504-1 to R277-504-10)
  133. RULE R277-505 - [Repealed] (R277-505-1 to R277-505-7)
  134. RULE R277-506 - [Repealed] (R277-506-1 to R277-506-8)
  135. RULE R277-507 - [Repealed] (R277-507-1 to R277-507-5)
  136. RULE R277-508 - [Repealed] (R277-508-1 to R277-508-4)
  137. RULE R277-509 - [Repealed] (R277-509-1 to R277-509-4)
  138. RULE R277-510 - Educator Licensing - Highly Qualified Assignment (Repealed) (R277-510-1 to R277-510-9)
  139. RULE R277-511 - [Repealed] (R277-511-1 to R277-511-8)
  140. RULE R277-512 - Online Licensure (R277-512-1 to R277-512-7)
  141. RULE R277-513 - Teacher Leader (R277-513-1 to R277-513-5)
  142. RULE R277-514 - Deaf Education in Public Schools (R277-514-1 to R277-514-5)
  143. RULE R277-515 - [Repealed] (R277-515-1 to R277-515-7)
  144. RULE R277-516 - [Repealed] (R277-516-1 to R277-516-8)
  145. RULE R277-517 - LEA Codes of Conduct (Repealed) (R277-517-1 to R277-517-5)
  146. RULE R277-518 - Career and Technical Education Licenses (R277-518-1 to R277-518-5)
  147. RULE R277-519 - Educator Professional Learning Procedures and Credit (R277-519-1 to R277-519-4)
  148. RULE R277-520 - Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers (R277-520-1 to R277-520-12)
  149. RULE R277-521 - National Board Certification Reimbursement (Repealed) (R277-521-1 to R277-521-3)
  150. RULE R277-522 - Entry Years Enhancements (EYE) for Quality Teaching - Level 1 Utah Teachers (R277-522-1 to R277-522-5)
  151. RULE R277-523 - Teacher Salary Supplement Program (Repealed) (R277-523-1 to R277-523-3)
  152. RULE R277-524 - [Repealed] (R277-524-1 to R277-524-8)
  153. RULE R277-525 - [Repealed] (R277-525-1 to R277-525-4)
  154. RULE R277-526 - Paraeducator to Teacher Scholarship Program (R277-526-1 to R277-526-5)
  155. RULE R277-527 - [Repealed] (R277-527-1 to R277-527-5)
  156. RULE R277-528 - [Repealed] (R277-528-1 to R277-528-5)
  157. RULE R277-530 - Utah Effective Educator Standards (R277-530-1 to R277-530-7)
  158. RULE R277-531 - Public Educator Evaluation Requirements (PEER) (R277-531-1 to R277-531-5)
  159. RULE R277-532 - Local Board Policies for Evaluation of Non-Licensed Public Education Employees (Classified Employees) (R277-532-1 to R277-532-3)
  160. RULE R277-533 - Educator Evaluation Systems (R277-533-1 to R277-533-10)
  161. RULE R277-550 - Charter Schools - Definitions (R277-550-1 to R277-550-2)
  162. RULE R277-551 - Charter Schools - General Provisions (R277-551-1 to R277-551-5)
  163. RULE R277-552 - Charter School Timelines and Approval Processes (R277-552-1 to R277-552-8)
  164. RULE R277-553 - Charter School Oversight, Monitoring and Appeals (R277-553-1 to R277-553-7)
  165. RULE R277-554 - State Charter School Board Grants and Mentoring Program (R277-554-1 to R277-554-3)
  166. RULE R277-555 - Corrective Action Against Charter School Authorizers (R277-555-1 to R277-555-3)
  167. RULE R277-600 - Student Transportation Standards and Procedures (R277-600-1 to R277-600-13)
  168. RULE R277-601 - Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations (R277-601-1 to R277-601-3)
  169. RULE R277-602 - Carson Smith Scholarships - Funding and Procedures (R277-602-1 to R277-602-7)
  170. RULE R277-603 - Autism Awareness Restricted Account Distribution (R277-603-1 to R277-603-5)
  171. RULE R277-604 - Private School, Home School, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Student Participation in Public School Achievement Tests (R277-604-1 to R277-604-6)
  172. RULE R277-605 - Coaching Standards and Athletic Clinics (R277-605-1 to R277-605-5)
  173. RULE R277-606 - Dropout Prevention and Recovery Program (R277-606-1 to R277-606-4)
  174. RULE R277-607 - Absenteeism and Truancy Prevention (R277-607-1 to R277-607-5)
  175. RULE R277-608 - Prohibition of Corporal Punishment in Utah's Public Schools (R277-608-1 to R277-608-4)
  176. RULE R277-609 - Standards for LEA Discipline Plans and Emergency Safety Interventions (R277-609-1 to R277-609-12)
  177. RULE R277-610 - Released-Time Classes and Public Schools (R277-610-1 to R277-610-4)
  178. RULE R277-611 - [Repealed] (R277-611-1 to R277-611-5)
  179. RULE R277-612 - Foreign Exchange Students (R277-612-1 to R277-612-4)
  180. RULE R277-613 - LEA Policies and Training Bullying, Cyber- bullying, Hazing, Retaliation, and Abusive Conduct (R277-613-1 to R277-613-7)
  181. RULE R277-614 - Athletes and Students with Head Injuries (R277-614-1 to R277-614-4)
  182. RULE R277-615 - Standards and Procedures for Student Searches (R277-615-1 to R277-615-4)
  183. RULE R277-616 - Education for Homeless and Emancipated Students (R277-616-1 to R277-616-4)
  184. RULE R277-617 - Smart School Technology Program (R277-617-1 to R277-617-5)
  185. RULE R277-618 - Educator Peer Assistance and Review Pilot Program (PAR Program) (Repealed) (R277-618-1 to R277-618-5)
  186. RULE R277-619 - Student Leadership Skills Development (R277-619-1 to R277-619-5)
  187. RULE R277-620 - Suicide Prevention Programs (R277-620-1 to R277-620-3)
  188. RULE R277-621 - District of Residence (R277-621-1 to R277-621-4)
  189. RULE R277-622 - School-based Mental Health Qualified Grant Program (R277-622-1 to R277-622-8)
  190. RULE R277-623 - School Climate Survey (R277-623-1 to R277-623-4)
  191. RULE R277-624 - [Repealed] (R277-624-1 to R277-624-3)
  192. RULE R277-625 - Mental Health Screeners Program (R277-625-1 to R277-625-5)
  193. RULE R277-626 - Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program (R277-626-1 to R277-626-4)
  194. RULE R277-627 - Early Warning Program (R277-627-1 to R277-627-2)
  195. RULE R277-700 - Student Mastery and Assessment of Core Standards (R277-700-1 to R277-700-9)
  196. RULE R277-701 - Early College Programs (R277-701-1 to R277-701-13)
  197. RULE R277-702 - Procedures for the Utah High School Completion Diploma (R277-702-1 to R277-702-8)
  198. RULE R277-703 - Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation (R277-703-1 to R277-703-7)
  199. RULE R277-704 - Financial and Economic Literacy: Integration into Core Curriculum (R277-704-1 to R277-704-7)
  200. RULE R277-705 - Secondary School Completion and Diplomas (R277-705-1 to R277-705-8)
  201. RULE R277-706 - Regional Education Service Agencies (R277-706-1 to R277-706-6)
  202. RULE R277-707 - Enhancement for Accelerated Students Program (R277-707-1 to R277-707-5)
  203. RULE R277-708 - Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program (R277-708-1 to R277-708-7)
  204. RULE R277-709 - Education Programs Serving Youth in Custody (R277-709-1 to R277-709-11)
  205. RULE R277-710 - Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools (R277-710-1 to R277-710-7)
  206. RULE R277-711 - High Quality School Readiness Expansion (Repealed) (R277-711-1 to R277-711-4)
  207. RULE R277-712 - Competency-based Grant Programs (R277-712-1 to R277-712-6)
  208. RULE R277-713 - [Repealed] (R277-713-1 to R277-713-9)
  209. RULE R277-714 - Unsafe School Choice Option (R277-714-1 to R277-714-4)
  210. RULE R277-715 - Out-of-School Time Program Standards (R277-715-1 to R277-715-3)
  211. RULE R277-716 - Alternative Language Services for Utah Students (R277-716-1 to R277-716-6)
  212. RULE R277-717 - High School Course Grading Requirements (R277-717-1 to R277-717-3)
  213. RULE R277-718 - Out-of-School Course Grading Requirements (R277-718-1 to R277-718-5)
  214. RULE R277-719 - Standards for Selling Foods Outside of the Reimbursable Meal in Schools (R277-719-1 to R277-719-7)
  215. RULE R277-720 - Reimbursement Program for Early Graduation from Competency-Based Education (R277-720-1 to R277-720-4)
  216. RULE R277-721 - PRIME Pilot Program (R277-721-1 to R277-721-5)
  217. RULE R277-723 - Start Smart Utah Program (R277-723-1 to R277-723-4)
  218. RULE R277-724 - Criteria for Sponsors Recruiting Day Care Facilities in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (R277-724-1 to R277-724-4)
  219. RULE R277-725 - Electronic High School (Repealed) (R277-725-1 to R277-725-9)
  220. RULE R277-726 - Statewide Online Education Program (R277-726-1 to R277-726-10)
  221. RULE R277-727 - School Meals Program (R277-727-1 to R277-727-3)
  222. RULE R277-733 - Adult Education Programs (R277-733-1 to R277-733-13)
  223. RULE R277-735 - Corrections Education Programs (Repealed) (R277-735-1 to R277-735-9)
  224. RULE R277-736 - Juvenile Court or Law Enforcement Notice and Information Dissemination (R277-736-1 to R277-736-3)
  225. RULE R277-746 - Driver Education Programs for Utah Schools (R277-746-1 to R277-746-3)
  226. RULE R277-750 - Education Programs for Students with Disabilities (R277-750-1 to R277-750-3)
  227. RULE R277-751 - Special Education Extended School Year (ESY) (R277-751-1 to R277-751-5)
  228. RULE R277-752 - Special Education Intensive Services Fund (R277-752-1 to R277-752-3)
  229. RULE R277-753 - LEA Reporting Requirements for Section 504 Students (R277-753-1 to R277-753-3)
  230. RULE R277-800 - Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (R277-800-1 to R277-800-10)
  231. RULE R277-801 - Services for Students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Visually Impaired, and Deaf-blind (R277-801-1 to R277-801-6)
  232. RULE R277-910 - Underage Drinking Prevention Program (R277-910-1 to R277-910-5)
  233. RULE R277-911 - Secondary Career and Technical Education (R277-911-1 to R277-911-12)
  234. RULE R277-912 - Law Enforcement Related Incident Reporting (R277-912-1 to R277-912-3)
  235. RULE R277-914 - Career and Technical Student Organizations (R277-914-1 to R277-914-4)
  236. RULE R277-915 - Work-based Learning Programs for Interns (R277-915-1 to R277-915-6)
  237. RULE R277-916 - College and Career Awareness (R277-916-1 to R277-916-6)
  238. RULE R277-920 - School Improvement - Implementation of the School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act (R277-920-1 to R277-920-13)
  239. RULE R277-921 - Strengthening College and Career Readiness Program (R277-921-1 to R277-921-6)
  240. RULE R277-922 - Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program (R277-922-1 to R277-922-12)
  241. RULE R277-923 - American Indian and Alaskan Native Education State Plan Pilot Programs (R277-923-1 to R277-923-4)
  242. RULE R277-924 - Partnerships for Student Success Grant Program (R277-924-1 to R277-924-4)
  243. RULE R277-925 - Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program (R277-925-1 to R277-925-3)
  244. RULE R277-926 - Certification of Residential Treatment Center Special Education Program (R277-926-1 to R277-926-7)
  245. RULE R277-927 - Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) Program (R277-927-1 to R277-927-6)
  246. RULE R277-928 - High-Need Schools Grant (R277-928-1 to R277-928-4)
  247. RULE R277-929 - State Council on Military Children (R277-929-1 to R277-929-4)

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