Title R309 - Drinking Water

  1. Rule R309-100 - Administration: Drinking Water Program (§ R309-100-1 to R309-100-11)
  2. Rule R309-105 - Administration: General Responsibilities of Public Water Systems (§ R309-105-1 to R309-105-18)
  3. Rule R309-110 - Administration: Definitions (§ R309-110-1 to R309-110-4)
  4. Rule R309-115 - Administration: Procedures (§ R309-115-1)
  5. Rule R309-200 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Drinking Water Standards (§ R309-200-1 to R309-200-8)
  6. Rule R309-205 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Source Monitoring Requirements (§ R309-205-1 to R309-205-9)
  7. Rule R309-210 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Distribution System Monitoring Requirements (§ R309-210-1 to R309-210-10)
  8. Rule R309-211 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Distribution System - Total Coliform Requirements (§ R309-211-1 to R309-211-11)
  9. Rule R309-215 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Treatment Plant Monitoring Requirements (§ R309-215-1 to R309-215-16)
  10. Rule R309-220 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Public Notification Requirements (§ R309-220-1 to R309-220-15)
  11. Rule R309-225 - Monitoring and Water Quality: Consumer Confidence Reports (§ R309-225-1 to R309-225-8)
  12. Rule R309-230 - Lead in School Sampling and Remediation Requirements (§ R309-230-1 to R309-230-10)
  13. Rule R309-300 - Certification Rules for Water Supply Operators (§ R309-300-1 to R309-300-19)
  14. Rule R309-305 - Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Certification (§ R309-305-1 to R309-305-13)
  15. Rule R309-400 - Improvement Priority System and Public Water System Ratings (§ R309-400-1 to R309-400-12)
  16. Rule R309-405 - Compliance and Enforcement: Administrative Penalty (§ R309-405-1 to R309-405-7)
  17. Rule R309-500 - Facility Design and Operation: Minimum Treatment Requirements (§ R309-500-1 to R309-500-15)
  18. Rule R309-505 - Facility Design and Operation: Minimum Treatment Requirements (§ R309-505-1 to R309-505-10)
  19. Rule R309-510 - Facility Design and Operation: Minimum Sizing Requirements (§ R309-510-1 to R309-510-9)
  20. Rule R309-511 - Hydraulic Modeling Requirements (§ R309-511-1 to R309-511-8)
  21. Rule R309-515 - Facility Design and Operation: Source Development (§ R309-515-1 to R309-515-8)
  22. Rule R309-520 - Facility Design and Operation: Disinfection (§ R309-520-1 to R309-520-11)
  23. Rule R309-525 - Facility Design and Operation: Conventional Surface Water Treatment (§ R309-525-1 to R309-525-25)
  24. Rule R309-530 - Facility Design and Operation: Alternate Surface Water Treatment Methods (§ R309-530-1 to R309-530-9)
  25. Rule R309-535 - Facility Design and Operation: Miscellaneous Treatment Methods (§ R309-535-1 to R309-535-13)
  26. Rule R309-540 - Facility Design and Operation: Pump Stations (§ R309-540-1 to R309-540-6)
  27. Rule R309-545 - Facility Design and Operation: Drinking Water Storage Tanks (§ R309-545-1 to R309-545-22)
  28. Rule R309-550 - Facility Design and Operation: Transmission and Distribution Pipelines (§ R309-550-1 to R309-550-13)
  29. Rule R309-600 - Source Protection: Drinking Water Source Protection for Ground-Water Sources (§ R309-600-1 to R309-600-16)
  30. Rule R309-605 - Source Protection: Drinking Water Source Protection for Ground-Water Sources (§ R309-605-1 to R309-605-10)
  31. Rule R309-700 - Financial Assistance: State Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program (§ R309-700-1 to R309-700-16)
  32. Rule R309-705 - Financial Assistance: Federal Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program (§ R309-705-1 to R309-705-12)
  33. Rule R309-800 - Capacity Development Program (§ R309-800-1 to R309-800-7)

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