Title R510 - Aging and Adult Services

  1. Rule R510-1 - Authority and Purpose (§ R510-1-1 to R510-1-2)
  2. Rule R510-100 - Funding Formulas (§ R510-100-1 to R510-100-3)
  3. Rule R510-101 - Carryover Policy for Title III: Grants for State and Community Programs on Aging (§ R510-101-1 to R510-101-2)
  4. Rule R510-102 - Amendments to Area Plan and Management Plan (§ R510-102-1)
  5. Rule R510-103 - Use of Senior Centers by Long-Term Care Facility Residents Participating in Activities Outside Their Planning and Service Area (§ R510-103-1)
  6. Rule R510-104 - Nutrition Programs for the Elderly (NPE) (§ R510-104-1 to R510-104-20)
  7. Rule R510-105 - "Out and About" Homebound Transportation Assistance Fund Rules (§ R510-105-1 to R510-105-8)
  8. Rule R510-106 - Minimum Percentages of Older Americans Act, Title III Part B: State and Supportive Services Funds (§ R510-106-1 to R510-106-2)
  9. Rule R510-107 - Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program Standards and Procedures (§ R510-107-1 to R510-107-2)
  10. Rule R510-108 - Definition of Rural for Title III: Grants for State and Community Programs on Aging Reporting Under the Older Americans Act (§ R510-108-1)
  11. Rule R510-109 - Definition of Significant Population of Older Native Americans (§ R510-109-1)
  12. Rule R510-110 - Policy Regarding Contractual Involvements of Area Agencies on Aging for Private Eldercare and Case Management Services (§ R510-110-1 to R510-110-5)
  13. Rule R510-111 - Policy on Use of State Funding for Travel Expenses to Assist the National Senior Service Corps (NSSC) (§ R510-111-1)
  14. Rule R510-200 - Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Policy (§ R510-200-1 to R510-200-25)
  15. Rule R510-302 - Adult Protective Services (§ R510-302-1 to R510-302-13)
  16. Rule R510-400 - Home and Community Based Alternatives Program (§ R510-400-1 to R510-400-19)
  17. Rule R510-401 - Utah Caregiver Support Program (UCSP) (§ R510-401-1 to R510-401-10)

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