Title R523 - Substance Abuse and Mental Health

  1. Rule R523-1 - General Provisions (§ R523-1-1 to R523-1-5)
  2. Rule R523-2 - Local Mental Health Authorities and Local Substance Abuse Authorities (§ R523-2-1 to R523-2-15)
  3. Rule R523-3 - Screening, Assessment, Education and Treatment Standards for Court-referred Youth Under the Age of 21 (§ R523-3-1 to R523-3-9)
  4. Rule R523-4 - Certification Requirements for Screening, Assessment, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Support Programs for Adults (§ R523-4-1 to R523-4-16)
  5. Rule R523-5 - Peer Support Specialist Training and Certification (§ R523-5-1 to R523-5-11)
  6. Rule R523-6 - Child/Family Peer Support Specialist Training and Certification (§ R523-6-1 to R523-6-8)
  7. Rule R523-7 - Certification of Designated Examiners and Certified Case Managers (§ R523-7-1 to R523-7-4)
  8. Rule R523-8 - Medication, Psychosurgery and Electroshock Procedures for Children, Consumer Rights, Due Process, Family Involvement (§ R523-8-1 to R523-8-8)
  9. Rule R523-9 - Evidence-Based Prevention Registry (§ R523-9-1 to R523-9-4)
  10. Rule R523-10 - Standards for Methadone Addiction Treatment Providers (§ R523-10-1 to R523-10-3)
  11. Rule R523-11 - Utah Standards for Approval of Alcohol and Drug Educational Providers and Instructors for Court-Referred DUI Offenders (§ R523-11-1 to R523-11-10)
  12. Rule R523-12 - On-Premise Alcohol Training and Education Seminar Rules of Administration (§ R523-12-1 to R523-12-13)
  13. Rule R523-13 - Off-Premise Retailer (Clerk, Licensee and Manager) Alcohol Training and Education Seminar Rules of Administration (§ R523-13-1 to R523-13-13)
  14. Rule R523-14 - Suicide Prevention (§ R523-14-1 to R523-14-2)
  15. Rule R523-15 - Drug Testing Requirements (§ R523-15-1 to R523-15-5)
  16. Rule R523-16 - Certification of Essential Treatment Examiners and Case Managers (§ R523-16-1 to R523-16-4)
  17. Rule R523-17 - Behavioral Health Crisis Response Systems Standards (§ R523-17-1 to R523-17-12)
  18. Rule R523-18 - Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams Certification Standards (§ R523-18-1 to R523-18-8)
  19. Rule R523-19 - Community Mental Health Crisis and Suicide Prevention Training Grant Standards (§ R523-19-1 to R523-19-5)
  20. Rule R523-20 - Division Rules of Administration (§ R523-20-1 to R523-20-11)
  21. Rule R523-21 - Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Rules (§ R523-21-1 to R523-21-4)
  22. Rule R523-22 - Assertive Community Treatment Standards (§ R523-22-1 to R523-22-10)
  23. Rule R523-23 - Assisted Outpatient Treatment Court Orders (§ R523-23-1 to R523-23-13)
  24. Rule R523-24 - Off Premise Retailer (Clerk, Licensee and Manager) Alcohol Training and Education Seminar Rules of Administration (Repealed) (§ R523-24-1 to R523-24-13)

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