TITLE R645 - Oil, Gas and Mining; Coal (R645-100-100 to R645-403-100)

  1. RULE R645-100 - Administrative: Introduction (R645-100-100 to R645-100-800)
  2. RULE R645-101 - Restrictions on State Employees (R645-101-100 to R645-101-600)
  3. RULE R645-102 - Exemption for Coal Extraction Incident to Government-Financed Highway or Other Construction (R645-102-100 to R645-102-300)
  4. RULE R645-103 - Areas Unsuitable for Coal Mining and Reclamation Operations (R645-103-100 to R645-103-400)
  5. RULE R645-104 - Protection of Employees (R645-104-100 to R645-104-500)
  6. RULE R645-105 - Blaster Training, Examination and Certification (R645-105-100 to R645-105-400)
  7. RULE R645-106 - Exemption for Coal Extraction Incidental to the Extraction of Other Minerals (R645-106-100 to R645-106-900)
  8. RULE R645-200 - Coal Exploration: Introduction (R645-200-100 to R645-200-200)
  9. RULE R645-201 - Coal Exploration: Requirements for Exploration Approval (R645-201-100 to R645-201-400)
  10. RULE R645-202 - Coal Exploration: Compliance Duties (R645-202-100 to R645-202-200)
  11. RULE R645-203 - Coal Exploration: Public Availability of Information (R645-203-100 to R645-203-200)
  12. RULE R645-300 - Coal Mine Permitting: Administrative Procedures (R645-300-100 to R645-300-200)
  13. RULE R645-301 - Coal Mine Permitting: Permit Application Requirements (R645-301-100 to R645-301-800)
  14. RULE R645-302 - Coal Mine Permitting: Special Categories and Areas of Mining (R645-302-100 to R645-302-300)
  15. RULE R645-303 - Coal Mine Permitting: Change, Renewal, and Transfer, Assignment, or Salt of Permit Rights (R645-303-100 to R645-303-300)
  16. RULE R645-400 - Inspection and Enforcement: Division Authority and Procedures (R645-400-100 to R645-400-300)
  17. RULE R645-401 - Inspection and Enforcement: Civil Penalties (R645-401-100 to R645-401-900)
  18. RULE R645-402 - Inspection and Enforcement: Individual Civil Penalties (R645-402-100 to R645-402-500)
  19. RULE R645-403 - Alternative Enforcement (R645-403-100)

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