Title R714 - Highway Patrol

  1. Rule R714-110 - Permit to Operate a Motor Vehicle in Violation of Equipment Laws (§ R714-110-1 to R714-110-6)
  2. Rule R714-158 - Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Requirements (§ R714-158-1 to R714-158-13)
  3. Rule R714-159 - Vehicle Safety Inspection Apprenticeship Program Guidelines (§ R714-159-1 to R714-159-7)
  4. Rule R714-160 - Equipment Standards for Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Safety Inspections (§ R714-160-1 to R714-160-23)
  5. Rule R714-161 - Equipment Standards for Motorcycle Safety Inspections (§ R714-161-1 to R714-161-18)
  6. Rule R714-162 - Equipment Standards for Heavy Motor Vehicle, Trailer and Bus Safety Inspections (§ R714-162-1 to R714-162-20)
  7. Rule R714-163 - Street-Legal All-Terrain Vehicles (§ R714-163-1 to R714-163-5)
  8. Rule R714-164 - School Bus Inspection, Maintenance and Auditing Requirements (§ R714-164-1 to R714-164-9)
  9. Rule R714-165 - Standards for School Buses (§ R714-165-1 to R714-165-4)
  10. Rule R714-200 - Standards for Vehicle Lights and Illuminating Devices (§ R714-200-1 to R714-200-5)
  11. Rule R714-210 - Standards for Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Equipment (§ R714-210-1 to R714-210-3)
  12. Rule R714-220 - Standards for Protective Headgear [Repealed] (§ R714-220-1 to R714-220-4)
  13. Rule R714-230 - Standards and Specifications for Vehicle Seat Belts and Safety Harnesses [Repealed] (§ R714-230-1 to R714-230-3)
  14. Rule R714-240 - Standards and Specifications for Child Restraint Devices and Safety Belts [Repealed] (§ R714-240-1 to R714-240-3)
  15. Rule R714-300 - Standards for Motor Vehicle Braking Systems (§ R714-300-1 to R714-300-3)
  16. Rule R714-500 - Chemical Analysis Standards and Training (§ R714-500-1 to R714-500-13)
  17. Rule R714-510 - 24-7 Sobriety Program (§ R714-510-1 to R714-510-9)
  18. Rule R714-550 - Rule for Spending Fees Provided under Section 53-1-117 (§ R714-550-1 to R714-550-8)
  19. Rule R714-560 - Technology and Equipment for Officer-Involved Critical Incident Investigation (§ R714-560-1 to R714-560-9)
  20. Rule R714-570 - Mental Health Resources for First Responders Grant Funding (§ R714-570-1 to R714-570-10)
  21. Rule R714-600 - Performance Standards for Tow Truck Motor Carriers (§ R714-600-1 to R714-600-6)

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