Wash. Admin. Code § 222-16-035 - Wetland typing system

Current through Register Vol. 22-07, April 1, 2022

*The department in cooperation with the departments of fish and wildlife, and ecology, and affected Indian tribes shall classify wetlands. The wetlands will be classified in order to distinguish those which require wetland management zones and those which do not. Wetlands which require wetland management zones shall be identified using the following criteria:

(1) "Nonforested wetlands" means any wetland or portion thereof that has, or if the trees were mature would have, a crown closure of less than 30 percent.
(a) "Type A Wetland" classification shall be applied to all nonforested wetlands which:
(i) Are greater than 0.5 acre in size, including any acreage of open water where the water is completely surrounded by the wetland; and
(ii) Are associated with at least 0.5 acre of ponded or standing open water. The open water must be present on the site for at least 7 consecutive days between April 1 and October 1 to be considered for the purposes of these rules; or
(b) "Type B Wetland" classification shall be applied to all other nonforested wetlands greater than 0.25 acre.
(2) "Forested wetland" means any wetland or portion thereof that has, or if the trees were mature would have, a crown closure of 30 percent or more.
(3) "All forested and nonforested bogs" greater than 0.25 acres shall be considered Type A Wetlands.
(4) For the purposes of determining acreage to classify or type wetlands under this section, approximate determination using aerial photographs and maps, including the national wetlands inventory, shall be sufficient. In addition, the innermost boundary of the wetland management zone on Type A or B Wetlands may be determined by either of two methods: Delineation of the wetland edge, or identifying the point where the crown cover changes from less than 30 percent to 30 percent or more.


Wash. Admin. Code § 222-16-035

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