Wash. Admin. Code § 308-408-010 - Words and terms

Words and terms used in these rules shall have the same meaning as each has under chapter 18.280 RCW unless otherwise clearly provided in these rules, or the context in which they are used in these rules clearly indicates that they be given some other meaning.

(1) "Classroom" means training that takes place in a setting where individuals receiving training are assembled together and learn through lectures, study papers, class discussion, textbook study, or other means of organized formal education techniques, such as video, closed circuit, or other forms of electronic means.
(2) "Comment" means the act of stating one's observations clearly in the report.
(3) "Describe" means the act of stating one's observations clearly in the report.
(4) "Distance education" means a delivery method in which instruction takes place in other than a live classroom setting, the instructor and the student are in physically separate locations, and interactive instructional methods such as video-based instruction, computer conferencing, video conferencing, interactive audio, interactive computer software, correspondence or internet-based instruction are used.
(5) "Enter" means to physically go into an attic, crawlspace, or other area. Simply sticking one's head and shoulders into these areas is not entering.
(6) "Field training" is in addition to the one hundred twenty hours of classroom instruction and shall be done on actual inspection sites. Field training must include forty hours of instruction with a minimum of five actual complete home inspections done to the standards of practice under the supervision of an experienced inspector. The applicant will be required to complete written reports for each inspection and the supervisor will review the reports and certify that they are in full compliance with the standards of practice. The forty hours of supervised instruction will not include travel time to and from inspection, meals, and report writing time.
(7) "Interactive" means the course structure and technologies promote active student involvement with the course content, including the ability to:
(a) Access or bypass optional content, if applicable;
(b) Submit questions or answer test items, and receive direct feedback; and
(c) Communicate with the instructor and/or other students on an immediate or reasonably delayed basis.

Interactive instruction specifically excludes courses that only provide passive delivery of instructional content.

(8) "Passive" means there is no required or actual interaction or feedback between the student and instructor.
(9) "Preinspection agreement" is a written contract signed by the client that outlines the standards and work to be performed by the home inspector.
(10) "Preoffer consultation" is a verbal report that is limited in scope performed by a licensed home inspector. A preinspection agreement must be signed by the client and describe the limited scope of the consultation. This preoffer consultation is conducted only prior to mutual acceptance.
(11) "Readily accessible" means available for visual inspection without requiring moving personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or any action that likely will involve risk to persons or property.
(12) "Record" means the act of stating one's observations clearly in the report.
(13) "Report" means the act of stating one's observations clearly in the report.
(14) "Standard home inspection" is a prelisting or presale written report that contains all or most of the components listed in the standards of practice. The components must be listed in the preinspection agreement. This standard home inspection report cannot be delivered verbally and must be in writing.
(15) "Technically exhaustive" is an investigation that involves dismantling, the extensive use of advanced techniques, measurements, instruments, testing, calculations or other means.
(16) "Traverse" means the act of physically moving through a crawlspace or attic or over the surface of a roof during an inspection when it is safe to do so.


Wash. Admin. Code § 308-408-010

Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050 and 18.280. [18.280.060](6). 09-13-001, § 308-408-010, filed 6/3/09, effective 7/4/09.

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