Title 132H - Bellevue College

  1. Chapter 132H-106 - Bylaws and standing orders of Community College District VIII (§ 132H-106-010 to 132H-106-060)
  2. Chapter 132H-108 - Formal hearing rules for contested case hearings (§ 132H-108-410 to 132H-108-480)
  3. Chapter 132H-116 - Parking and traffic rules (§ 132H-116-015 to 132H-116-791)
  4. Chapter 132H-120 - The student code of Community College District VIII (§ 132H-120-010 to 132H-120-475)
  5. Chapter 132H-121 - General conduct (§ 132H-121-010 to 132H-121-050)
  6. Chapter 132H-122 - Student Financial Debts (§ 132H-122-010 to 132H-122-030)
  7. Chapter 132H-125 - Student conduct code of Bellevue College (Repealed) (§ 132H-125-010 to 132H-125-350)
  8. Chapter 132H-126 - Student conduct code of Bellevue College (§ 132H-126-010 to 132H-126-340)
  9. Chapter 132H-131 - Scholarships and financial aid (§ 132H-131-010 to 132H-131-020)
  10. Chapter 132H-133 - Organization and general operating policies of Community College District VIII (§ 132H-133-010 to 132H-133-050)
  11. Chapter 132H-136 - Library media center (§ 132H-136-010 to 132H-136-030)
  12. Chapter 132H-140 - College Property Use (§ 132H-140-010 to 132H-140-120)
  13. Chapter 132H-142 - First amendment activities for Community College District VIII (§ 132H-142-010 to 132H-142-075)
  14. Chapter 132H-155 - Discrimination complaint procedure of Bellevue Community College (Repealed) (§ 132H-155-010 to 132H-155-070)
  15. Chapter 132H-160 - Admissions, residency classification and registration regulations - Schedule of fees and financial aid for Community College District VIII (§ 132H-160-010 to 132H-160-550)
  16. Chapter 132H-169 - Access to public records at Bellevue Community College (§ 132H-169-010 to 132H-169-130)
  17. Chapter 132H-204 - Vehicle use policy (§ 132H-204-010 to 132H-204-170)
  18. Chapter 132H-400 - Student athletic participation (§ 132H-400-005 to 132H-400-040)
  19. Chapter 132H-410 - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (§ 132H-410-010 to 132H-410-110)
  20. Chapter 132H-450 - Environmental protection policy for Community College District VIII (§ 132H-450-010)

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