TITLE 132I - Highline College (132I-104-020 to 132I-500-010)

  1. CHAPTER 132I-104 - Bylaws of the board of trustees (132I-104-020 to 132I-104-110)
  2. CHAPTER 132I-108 - Model rules of procedure (132I-108-010 to 132I-108-120)
  3. CHAPTER 132I-116 - Parking and traffic regulations (132I-116-010 to 132I-116-300)
  4. CHAPTER 132I-120 - Student rights and responsibilities (132I-120-010 to 132I-120-530)
  5. CHAPTER 132I-122 - Withholding services for outstanding debts (132I-122-010 to 132I-122-030)
  6. CHAPTER 132I-124 - General conduct (132I-124-010 to 132I-124-020)
  7. CHAPTER 132I-125 - STUDENT CONDUCT CODE (132I-125-010 to 132I-125-430)
  8. CHAPTER 132I-130 - Tuition and fee schedule (132I-130-010 to 132I-130-030)
  9. CHAPTER 132I-131 - Scholarships (132I-131-010)
  10. CHAPTER 132I-132 - Financial aid (132I-132-010)
  11. CHAPTER 132I-133 - Organization (132I-133-010)
  12. CHAPTER 132I-134 - Designation of rules coordinator (132I-134-010)
  13. CHAPTER 132I-140 - Use of facilities (132I-140-010 to 132I-140-170)
  14. CHAPTER 132I-160 - Admissions and registration procedures (132I-160-010 to 132I-160-120)
  15. CHAPTER 132I-168A - Highline College library (132I-168A-010 to 132I-168A-100)
  16. CHAPTER 132I-276 - Access to public records (132I-276-010 to 132I-276-110)
  17. CHAPTER 132I-280 - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (132I-280-010 to 132I-280-040)
  18. CHAPTER 132I-300 - Grievance procedures-Title IX-Handicapped (132I-300-010 to 132I-300-020)
  19. CHAPTER 132I-310 - Nonacademic complaints against college employees (132I-310-010 to 132I-310-040)
  20. CHAPTER 132I-325 - SEPA rules (132I-325-010)
  21. CHAPTER 132I-400 - Loss of eligibility-Student athletic participation (132I-400-010 to 132I-400-040)
  22. CHAPTER 132I-500 - Severability (132I-500-010)

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